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Item Description
1.Electric Mini Lamp with Strawberry Decoration
2.Purple Carnival Santa on Sleigh Hand Painted
3.Green Mist Covered Camel
4.Purple Marble Wren on Branch
5.Purple Carnival 5" Rabbit on Purple Carnival Slag Base
6.Mint Green Beaded Bouquet Blown Egg
7.Green Robin on Nest
8.Lot of 2 Mini Bulldogs Blue & Ruby
9.Lot of 3 Bookowls Red White & Blue
10.Lot of 5 Medium Butterflies
11.Red Carnival 5" Pintail Duck dated 1983
12.Covered Fox
13.Set of 4 PG-95 Paneled Grape Arc Candle Holders
14.Paneled Grape Pickle Jar ( very small chip on rim)
15.Milk Glass Covered Camel
16.Lot of 5 Pieces with Christmas Decoration
17.Milk Glass Raised Wing Swan
18.Milk Glass Bird in Hand Covered Candy with Ruby Eye & Ring
19.Milk Glass Covered Lion
20.Large Milk Glass Covered Rabbit Painted
21.Santa on Sleigh Decorated with Holly
22.Paneled Grape PG-156 Egg Tray with Fruit Cocktail & Ladle
23.Lot of 3 Raised Wing Swan Tops 2 milk glass & 1 black glass
24.Large Hen & Rooster
25.Lot of 2 Early Milk Glass Match Holders Pipe & Wall Pocket Design
26.Paneled Grape Dresser Set
27.LG Wright Covered Duck with Purple Head
28.Complete Paneled Grape Punch Set with Red Hooks, 14 Cups & Ladle
29.Lot of 3 Turtle Paperweights
30.Lot of 3 Pigs Red White & Blue
31.Purple Carnival 5" Swan on Purple Carnival Slag Base
32.Yellow Vaseline Covered Camel
33.Lot of 3 Revolver Candy Containers 1 marked Coca Cola 2 pics
34.Lot of 2 Carnival Mini Bulldogs
35.Blue Carnival Lady Soap Dish
36.Crystal Mist Blown Egg with Roses & Bows
37.Hand Painted Penguin on Ice
38.Early Glass Suitcase Candy Container with original Handle & Tin Base
39.1906 Shriners Mug with Painting & Ruby Stain St. Paul Minn. / Pittsburgh
40.Ruby Fan & File Childs Punch Set
41.Black & Yellow Mini Bulldogs
42.Antique Blue 5" Rooster Covered Dish
43.Purple Carnival 5" Rooster Covered Candy Dish
44.Lot of 2 Black & Milk Glass Birds on Branches
45.Green AS-1 Argonaut Shell Covered Candy
46.Lot of 2 Pouter Pigeons & 2 Cardinals
47.Lot of 2 Mini Lamps
48.Chocolate Carnival Santa on Sleigh ( reproduction)
49.Lot of 3 Decorated Ruby Heart Trinket Boxes
50.Rare Crystal Mist Standing Eagle nice color & finish 3 pics
51.Lot of 5 Various Pieces with Holly Decoration
52.Westmoreland Glass Dealers Sign
53.Santa on Sleigh with Holly Decoration
54.Lot of 3 Paneled Grape Plates with Christmas Decoration
55.Milk Glass Lion Covered Candy Dish
56.Milk Glass Mother Eagle Covered Candy Dish
57.Lot 5" Rooster & Hen with Painted Heads
58.Lot of 2 - 1 Pound Owls
59.Paneled Grape PG-63 Cake Salver & Candle Holders
60.Line #1211 Octagon Candy with Roses & Forget Me Nots
61.Lot of 4 Milk Glass Plates Bicentennial, Ring & Petal, Castle & Sailboat
62.Crystal Plaque with Hand Painted Rose & Marble Base
63.Milk Glass 5" Hand Painted Rabbit
64.Milk Glass 5" Hand Painted Lamb
65.Early Milk Glass Oriental Mustard Jar 2 pics
66.L.E. Smith Crystal Carnival Turkey
67.Lot of 4 Milk Glass Plates Eagle, Rabbit, 3 Fox & Chick
68.Paneled Grape PG-138 Banana Bowl Compote
69.Large Sawtooth ST-4 Grandfathers Bowl
70.Lot of 2 Line #BB-2 Milk Glass Bon Bons with Holly Decoration
71.Milk Glass Chick on Eggs Covered Candy Dish
72.Large Roses & Bows Wedding Compote
73.Honey Carnival Camel Covered Candy Dish
74.Set of 4 Candy Containers
75.Lot of 5 Medium Butterflies
76.Lot of 2 Mini Bulldogs Green Carnival Opalescent & Milk Glass
77.Lot of 3 Bookowls
78.Black Glass Lady Soapdish
79.Lot of Various Salt Dips
80.Red Carnival 10" Peacock Plate
81.Purple Carnival 5" Rabbit Covered Candy Dish
82.Lot of 5 - 3" Hens
83.Black Glass Thousand Eye Turtle Smoking Set
84.Lot of 2 Birds on Branches
85.Lot of 2 Three Cat Plates Pink & Black
86.Lot of 4 Millstien Candy Containers
87.Unusual Almond Doric DO-26 Footed Rosebowl 2pics
88.Blue Penguin on Ice
89.Lot of 3 Bookowls
90.Large Black Peg Butterfly with Hand Painting on Crystal Branch 2pics
91.Lot of 2 Decorated Victorian Trinket Boxes
92.Milk Glass Duck on Wavy Base with Glass Eyes
93.Paneled Grape Dresser Set with Gold Accents
94.Santa on Sleigh with Holly Decoration
95.Milk Glass Camel Covered Candy Dish
96.Milk Glass Cat on Lacy Base with Blue Eyes
97.Milk Glass Blow Egg with Roses & Bows Decoration
98.Rare Crystal Carnival Bumblebee 2 pics
99.Early Milk Glass Owl Plate 7-3/4"
100.Milk Glass Punch Bowl Ladle
101.Milk Glass Doric DO-22 Cake Salver & Candle Holders
102.Milk Glass Bird in Hand on Lacy Base with Ruby Eye & Blue Ring Stone
103.Large Milk Glass Rabbit on Eggs Hand Painted
104.Lot of 5 Various Pieces With Christmas Decoration
105.Roses & Bows Large Wedding Compote & Candle Holders
106.Milk Glass Duck on Wavy Base
107.Milk Glass Blown Egg with Strawberries
108.Lot of 3 Owl Toothpicks 1 painted
109.Lot of 2 Early Milk Glass Mustard Jars
110.Milk Glass Cherry & Cable Cookie Jar
111.Milk Glass Mother of Pearl Love Birds
112.Milk Glass Fox with Glass Eyes
113.Paneled Grape PG-32 Appetizer Set with Fruit Cocktail & Ladle
114.Milk Glass Chick on Eggs Covered Candy Dish
115.Milk Glass Childs Fan & File Punch Set
116.Lot of Early Milk Glass Mustard Jars & Tray
117.Old Quilt Celery & Fan Vase with Roses & Forget Me Nots
118.Beaded Edge Zodiac Torte Plate with Hand Painted Peaches
119.Purple Carnival 5" Swan Covered Candy Dish
120.Lot of 2 Mini Bulldogs
121.Lot of 5 Medium Butterflies
122.Lot of 3 Bookowls
123.Lot of 2 - 1 Pound Owls
124.Lot of 2 Penguins on Ice Crystal/Crystal Mist
125.Lot of 2 Birds on Branches
126.Rare Purple Marble Cat on Lacy Base
127.Lot of 4 Paperweights
128.Lot of 5 Wrens
129.Red Carnival Peacock Plate
130.Honey Carnival Chick on Eggs Covered Candy Dish
131.Purple Carnival 5" Pintail Duck Covered Candy Dish
132.Lot of 3 Bookowls
133.Purple Carnival Imperial Rabbit Covered Candy Dish
134.Lot of 3 Christmas Ornaments 1979
135.Lot of 5 Birds with Pegs
136.Lot of Cat in Shoes & Slippers
137.Lot of 2 Painted Pigs
138.Red Carnival 5" Swan Covered Candy Dish
139.Milk Glass Chick on Eggs Sprayed Almond Covered Candy Dish
140.Antique Blue Camel Covered Candy Dish
141.Lot of 2 Mini Bulldogs
142.Lot of 2 Decorated Ruby BK-1 Baskets
143.Milk Glass Raised Wing Swan Covered Candy Dish
144.Milk Glass 5" Painted Rabbit Covered Candy Dish
145.Lot of 5 Three Swan Toothpick Holders
146.Complete Three Fruits Punch Set with Ladle & hooks
147.1911 Shriners Glass Rochester/Pittsburgh
148.Crystal Mist Blown Egg with Roses & Bows
149.Lotus LO-3 Cupped Bowl Milk Glass with Poinsettia Decoration on all sides
150.Lot of 2 Milk Glass 5" Cat Covered Candy Dishes
151.Lot of 2 Santa on Sleighs
152.1902 Shriners Glass Louisville Ky./Pittsburgh
153.Lot of 2 Sawtooth ST-11 Medium Compotes
154.Paneled Grape Pitcher & 6 Ice Tea Glasses
155.Lot of 2 Chicks on Baskets
156.Milk Glass Mother Eagle Covered Candy Dish
157.Lot of 2 Argonaut AS-1 Candy Dishes
158.Lot of 2 Robins on Nests Mil Glass & Crystal Mist
159.Lot of 5" Milk Glass Rabbit & Swan Covered Candy Dishes
160.Line #1943 Roses & Bows Urn
161.1905 Shriners Cup Niagara Falls/Pitts.
162.Electric Blue Carnival Camel Covered Candy Dish
163.Lot of 5 Pieces Milk Glass Owl, Duck Salt Dips, Mini Bulldog, Pig
164.Lot of 16 Mini Hens
165.Red Carnival 5" Pintail Duck Covered Candy Dish
166.Lot of 2 Decorated line #1700-1 Covered Candies
167.Lt of 5 Medium Butterflies
168.Lot of 3 Bookowls
169.Lot of 5 Candy Containers
170.Set of Ruby Maple Leaf Candle Holders
171.Lot of 2 Mini Bulldogs
172.Set of 4 Mary Gregory Plates
173.Lot of 2 Grecian Hand Painted 11" Plates
174.Lot of 2 Mini Bulldogs
175.Purple Marble Cow Creamer with Ladle
176.Lot of 6 Pieces, Table Lighter, Toothpick Holders, Etc.
177.Lot of 17 Curtain Tiebacks
178.Lot of 5 Wrens
179.1908 Shriners Glass Ruby Stained St. Paul Minn/Pitts.
180.Lot of 3 Bookowls
181.Paneled Grape PG 118 Large Basket & Planter
182.Lot of 2 Large Milk Glass Console Bowls
183.Lot Large & 5" Hens on Nests
184.Lot of 2 Large Hens Milk Glass & Crystal
185.Lot Candy Containers, Paperweights, Etc. ( minor damage on suitcase & ship)
186.Lot Large & Medium Roses & Bows Wedding Bowls
187.Westmoreland Glass Dealers Sign
188.Lot of 12 Beaded Edge Fruit Plates & 2 Water Goblets
189.Lot Small Pickle Jar & Hand Vase
190.Lot of 13 Chick & Rooster Cups
191.Cambridge Crystal Bird in Flight Flower Frog
192.Large Hen on Nest & Standing Rooster
193.Lot of 4 Pieces with Holly Decoration
194.Lot Votive Cups with China rose, Opalescent Elephant Mug, Top Hats, Etc.
195.Lot Ring & Petal Console Bowls & Candle Holders
196.Milk Glass Duck on Wavy Base
197.Lot of 2 Shriners Glasses
198.Pink Mist Robin on Nest & Milk Glass Love Birds ( lid is stuck on Robin)
199.Lot of 6 Various Milk Glass Plates
200.Lot of 2 Lattice Edge 11" Decorated Plates
201.Early Block House Plate
202.Lot of 9 Butterflies 3 Medium & 6 Mini
203.Lot of 3 Bookowls
204.Lot Covered Egg, Doghouse Match Holder, Blue Mist Pig & Green Marble Ashtray
205.Lot of 4 Penguins 3" not WG
206.Lot of 2 Wildflower & Lace Mini Lamps
207.Purple Carnival George Washington Plate & Crystal Zodiac Plate
208.Lot of 3 5" Covered Cats
209.Lot Victorian & Heart Shaped Trinket Boxes
210.Lot of 9 Wrens & Sparrows
211.Lot of Westmoreland & Jeannette Glass Hens on Nests
212.Lot Westmoreland & Other Glass Collectors Books
213.Lot Widflower & Lace Fireball & Viking Mini Lamp
214.Lot of 2 Standing Roosters
215.Lot of 3 Tall Vases Paneled Grape & Drape
216.Lot Paneled Grape PG-32 Appetizer & PG-105 Egg Tray
217.Lot of Various Milk Glass Vases, Cornucopias, Etc.
218.Lot of 5 Heart Plates
219.25th Anniversary Wedding Compote & Scroll Candle Holders
220.Lot of 3 Pieces Decorated with Roses
221.Lot Paneled Grape Blown Salt & Peppers, Gravy Boat, Butters, Round Cheese, Creamer & Sugars
222.Lot of 4 Ruby Stained Christmas Ornaments 1979
223.Lot Handled Paneled Grape Egg Tray & Tid Bit Plate
224.Lot of 4 Beaded Edge Plates with Bird & Floral
225.Lot of Doric Bowls, Platter, Candleholders
226.Lot of 2 Forget Me Not Border 2 Tier Tid Bits
227.Lot of 12 Bud Vases
228.Lot Paneled Grape & Line #1902 Soap Dishes
229.Lot of 25 Cup Plates
230.Lot of 4 Various Decorated Pieces
231.Lot Doric Compote & Dolphin Console Set
232.Lot of 9 Pieces Wildflower & Lace
233.Lot of 12 Various Plates
234.Lot of Paneled Grape & English Hobnail Rose Bowls
235.3 Fruits Punch Set with 14 Cups (no ladle)
236.Thousand Eye Turtle Smoking Set
237.Large Hobnail Basket (Fenton?) & Dancing Sailor Bowls
238.Bulldog Doorstop with Damaged Ears
239.Lot of 2 Sawtooth ST-2 Cheese or Candy Dishes
240.Lot Ruby Maple Leaf Creamers, English Hobnail Rosebowl, Almond Pieces
241.Lot of Lotus & Rose & Trellis Bowls
242.Lot of 5 Baskets
243.Lot of 7 Various Pieces, Straw Jar, Old Quilt, Etc.
244.Lot Misc. Mini Heart Plates, Mini Hen Tops, Etc.
245.Lot of 7 Animal Tops
246.Lot of Mini Fine Blown Glass Pieces
247.Lot of Wade Figures & Pez Dispenser
248.Lot 3 Ball Bowl & Candle Holders, Depression Pieces, Etc.
249.2 Pieces Collectors Club Commemoratives
250.Lot of Salt & Peppers, Praying Hands, Etc.
251.Lot Childs Habnail Beverage Set, Etc. ( chip on covered dog)
252.Lot Avon Cape Cod, Smith Donkey Cart, Etc.
253.Large Lot of Paneled Grape, Wines, Etc.
254.Large Lot of English Hobnail
255.Lot of Paneled Grape & Old Quilt
256.Lot of 11 Fine Bone China Cups & Saucers
257.Lot Fostoria Coin Plate, Westmoreland, Jeannette Pieces, Etc.
258.Lot of Various Westmoreland Glass
259.Lot of 4 New Cabinet Lights & Brass Items
260.Lot of 4 Large Boxes Various Westmoreland Glass
261.Lot of 3 Boxes Misc. Tops & Bottoms, Etc.
262.Lot of 4 Boxes Misc. Avon, Etc.
263.Honey Carnival Chick on Eggs Covered Candy Dish
264.Brown Chick on Eggs Covered Candy Dish
265.Red Carnival Floral Bowl
266.Green Mist Robin on Nest
267.Santa on Sleigh with Hand Painted Holly
268.L.E. Smith Crystal Carnival Turkey Covered Candy Dish
269.Bird in Hand Covered Candy Dish
270.Milk Glass Duck on Wavy Base with Glass Eyes
271.Lot Hens, Chick on Basket, 3 Swan Toothpick, Etc.
272.Lot 6 Dozen New Punch Hooks, Handles, Blown Egg Bases
273.Lot Christmas Dishes & Vintage 33RPM records

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