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Item Description
1.8" Rookwood vase blue with floral decor
2.8" Rookwood vase blue/green/yellow with floral decor
3.8" Rookwood vase blue with Dutch figure. Typical top roughness
4.8" Rookwood vase tan & white with floral decor. Typical top edge roughness
5.8" Rookwood vase pink & white with floral decor. typical top edge roughness
6.8" Rookwood vase pink & white with floral decor. Straight. typical top edge roughness
7.8" Rookwood vase. tan & white with purple Forget me Nots
8.8" Rookwood vase. Gray with iris. Typical light top edge roughness
9.8" Rookwood vase. Green with floral decor. Typical light top edge roughness
10.8" Rookwood vase. Tan with Violets. Typical light top edge roughness
11.#1972 mini candle lamp with holly decor. In original box
12.Ruby Sawtooth banana compote
13.Almond Doric 3 piece console set
14.Painted milk glass standing Rooster
15.Early 8 sided bowl yellow with leaf decor 9-1/2" in diameter 1920s era
16.Early 8 sided flat footed plate. yellow with green decor. 10-1/2" wide
17.Blue satin covered duck on wavy base
18.Dark blue mist covered Duck on wavy base
19.Almond covered Duck on wavy base
20.Yellow vasaline covered Duck on wavy base
21.Purple carnival angel plate dated 1974 33/5000 7-1/4" in size
22.Purple carnival 3 cat plate 42/5000
23.Early milk glass card holder. Sovenire of North Freedom
24.Early milk glass plate with Cupid
25.Ruby Mary Greogory plate 1979 artist signed. 8-1/2"
26.Blue mist Mary Gregory plate. 1975 9-1/4"
27.1902 line squatty basket yellow mist with daisies
28.Large Bermuda blue Lotus console bowl 12-1/2"
29.Early cased glass decorated tid bit 11-1/4" WG?
30.Early cased glass decorated covered candy WG? 6-1/4"
31.Early cased glass divided tid bit WG?
32.Almond slag Robin on Nest
33.Golden Sunset Robin on Nest
34.Green Love Birds
34A.Blue mist Robin on Nest
35.Blue mist Love Birds
36.Early large cased compote 1920s 7-1/2" high, 10-1/4" wide
37.Large blue Sawtooth open compote8-1/2" high & 12" wide
38.Purple marble Dolphin covered candy
39.Golden Sunset Dolphin covered candy
40.Ruby Dolphin covered candy
41.Blue satin Dolphin covered candy
42.1902 Line Roses & Bows dresser set
43.Paneled Grape dresser set
44.3 Fox plate decorated 1905 Menno S. Dakota
45.Ruby Mary Gregory basket 7" high
46.Large 3 piece Dolphin console set
47.5" Purple marble covered Cat
48.5" Ruby covered Cat
49.5" Purple amethyst covered cat with white head
50.5" Golden sunset covered Cat
51.Ruby Paneled Grape pitcher with 6 stems
52.English Hobnail tall compote, pink 9" high
53.Paneled Grape wine decanter set. small fleabite on inside of stopper
54.Amber cut divided tid bit with silver holder WG?
55.Pink satin Lotus console bowl. 9"
56.Thumbprint lamp base
57.2 piece lot orange yellow speckled compote & tidbit WG?
58.Lot of 4 decorated slippers
59.Ruby Sawtooth platter 13-1/2"
60.Beaded Edge Zodiac torte plate with Cherries 11-1/2"
61.Cased compote decorated 1920s? 6-1/4" high 6-3/4" wide WG?
62.2 sets Depression era creamer sugar sets
63.Roses & Bows large wedding compote
64.Gold Roses & Bows large wedding compote
65.5 piece lot ruby flashed decorated pieces
66.3 piece lot ruby decorated bells
67.3 piece lot decorated covered boxes
68.lot of 6 Childs mini 3 branch candleabras 4-1/2"
69.lot of 3 crystal mist Star Lites with decal decoration
70.lot of 3 milk glass hatchets & 1 shovel
71.9 piece lot of Palm Tree decorated pieces
72.Ruby covered compote with hand painted roses E. Brown 1975
73.Large pink Dolphin compote 9" high 12" wide
74.Large Dolphin compote 9" high 12" wide
75.Mint green Sawtooth compote. 10" high 6-1/4" wide
76.Ruby floral electric mini lamp. D. Green 1980
77.Handled cased glass tidbit floral 1920s, 9-3/4" WG?
78.Ruby Doric compote
79.Early painted pickle jar crystal, some paint loss. 9-3/4"
80.Ruby Doric low bowl. 9" wide, 2-1/2" high.
81.Compote, Black band with flower baskets. 6-1/2" high 6-1/4" wide
82.Lot of 2 decorated mini candle lamps
83.Lot of 3 Rose & trellis bowls
84.3 piece lot compote & candleholders, Purple cased with black spokes
85.Lilac Opalescent High Hob basket
86.Purple carnival High Hob pitcher 8"
87.Large Cherry & Cable compote 8-1/2" high, 10-1/2" wide
88.Milk glass punch bowl ladle
89.Blue Opalescent High Hob covered cheese
90.2 piece lot High Hob Lilac Opalescent covered cheese & spooner
91.CO15 Colonial vase Roses & Bows 13" high
92.Chocolate covered rabbit large, repro
93.Chocolate standing rooster Repro
94.Antique blue standing rooster with white head
95.Early milk glass alphabet plate with dutch kids 7"
96.Cobalt blue plate with castle
97.Early milk glass plate with eagles & flags 7"
98.Lilac opalescent Maple Leaf bowl, 5' high & 10" wide
99.Ruby Sawtooth cake stand, 5" high & 9-1/2" wide
100.Pair pink Maple Leaf candleholders

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