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Item Description
1.Rookwood Vase 7" Pink with Floral
2.Rookwood Vase 7" Green with Roses
3.Rookwood Vase 7" Blue with Floral
4.Rookwood Vase 7" Man with Violin
5.Rookwood Vase 7" with Man
6.Rookwood Vase 5" with Indian
7.Rookwood Vase 5" with Man
8.Rookwood Vase 4" with Indian
9.Rookwood Shot Glass / Mug with Man
10.Lot of 2 Pieces Rookwood Red
11.Lot of 2 Early Blue Milk Glass Covered Jars
12.Old Quilt OQ-36 Laurel Green Covered Candy
13.Large Sawtooth ST-4 Grandfathers Bowl & Li Golden Sunset
14.Large Yellow Flashed Bowl with Etched Roses 11" diameter
15.Rookwood Vase 8-1/2" Grey with floral
16.Rookwood Vase 8-1/2" with Stag
17.Rookwood Vase 8-1/2" with Cherries
18.Large Octagon Bowl Crystal with Cased Base Etched Floral 11-3/4"
19.Shell Dish Crystal Mist with Silver Seahorse/Dragon minor flake
20.Milk Glass Cat in Shoe painted
21.Lot of 2 Carnival Shell Dishes
22.Lot of 2 Mint Green Shell Dishes
23.Lot of 2 Marigold Carnival Shell Dishes
24.Lot of 2 Miniature Carnival Shell Dishes 5"
25.Lot of 2 Birds on Branches
26.Cased Compote with Roses & Spokes 5-1/4" tall x 7-1/2" wide
27.American Hobnail AH-31 Crimped Rim Opalescent Compote 7-1/2"
28.Mary Gregory line #1902-1 Brown Mist Vase S. Miller 1977
29.Milk Glass George Washington Plate
30.Cased Glass Open Candy with Ladle Gold Bands
31.Purple Marble Cardinal
32.Ruby Flashed Cardinal & Pink Wren
33.Lot of 2 Blue Thousand Eye Mini Lamps
34.Lot of 2 Brown Thousand Eye Mini Lamps
35.Lot of 2 Ruby Thousand Eye Mini Lamps
36.Lot of 3 Thousand Eye Mini Lamps 4-3/4"
37.Lot of 4 Miniature Childrens Candlholders
38.Lot of 3 Slippers & 1 Cat in Shoe
39.Lotus Crystal Satin Compote with Yellow 6"
40.Round Ruby Maple Leaf Covered Box
41.Honey Carnival Old Quilt OQ-11 Round Covered Cheese
42.Crystal Mist Love Birds
43.Lot of 2 Mint Green Della Robia Covered Candies
44.Paneled Grape PG-55 Oblong Planter Mint Green
45.Paneled Grape Oval Lipped Console Bowl Mint Green
46.Paneled Grape PG-10 Mint Green Vase
47.Lot of 2 Pieces Paneled Grape Mint Green & Green Marble
48.Yellow Vaseline Cherry & cable Round Cheese repro
49.Crystal with Black & gold Decor 1700 Colonial Candy
50.Ruby Stained 1902-2 Covered Compote
51.Irridized 1700 Colonial candy with Cutting
52.1211 Candy Milk Glass Roses & Bows
53.1211 Candy Blue Satin
54.1211 Candy Pink Satin
55.Childs Fan & File Punch Set in Original Box
56.Purple BK-1 Basket with Rose L. Plues
57.Lot of 2 sets Cased Candleholders Maker?
58.Purple Cased Compote with Cutting 4-1/2" High x 8" wide
59.Cased Covered Candy with Floral maker?
60.Large Cased Footed Bowl with Floral Lancaster
61.Cased Handled Tid Bit with Roses Lancaster
62.Cased Console Bowl Red Deco with Sailboats
63.Cased Bowl with Roses Lancaster?
64.Cased Compote with Roses 6" Yellow Base
65.Cased Compote with Roses 6" Red Base
66.Green Mist Heart Shaped Chocolate Box
67.Cased Compote with Vine Decor 6"
68.Doric DO-34 Sweetmeat with Roses & Forget me Nots
69.Doric DO-34 Sweetmeat Crystal Satin with Roses & forget me Nots
70.Doric DO-34 Sweetmeat Almond Beaded Boquet
71.Yellow Cased Handled Tid Bit with roses & black Spokes
72.Covered Blue Cased Compote with Roses
73.Cased Lotus Compote 6"
74. Covered Candy with Roses 11" tall
75.Covered Candy with Double Roses 11"
76.Covered Candy with Floral Bands
77.Covered Candy with Floral 8"
78.Lincoln Drape Vase Ruffled Top 12-1/4"
79.Lincoln Drape Vase 12-1/4" Straight Top
80.Fort Deerborn Cutting Handled Tid Bit 12-1/2"
81.Fort Deerborn Cutting Low Footed Cake Stand 2-1/2" tall x 11" wide
82.Fort Deerborn Cutting Candleholders
83.Fort Deerborn Cutting Covered Compote
84.Fort Deerborn Cutting open Mint Dish 5-3/4"
85.Fort Deerborn Cutting Candleholders 9"
86.Cased Footed Cake Stand with Candleholders Tulip Decor Maker?
87.Cased 2 Piece Chip & Dip with Gold Spokes 10"
88.Cased Open Compote Yellow Orange Speckled 6-1/2" tall Maker?
89.Black Satin Plate with Horse Jumping Fence 8-1/2"
90.Cased Low Footed Cake Stand with Vine 10-1/2"
91.Blue Cased Low Footed Cake Stand with Floral 10-1/2"
92.Cased Covered Candy with Silver Decor Maker?
93.Early Milk Glass Chick on Sleigh
94.Pair of Lotus Crystal Ruby Stained Candleholders
95.Lot of 2 Piece Pink Opalescent Lotus
96.Milk Glass Rabbit Plate 7-1/4"
97.Brown Mist Mary Gregory Plate S. Miller 1978
98.Ruby Paneled Grape PG-121 Crimped Ruby Server
99.BK-1 Basket with hand painted Rose 1980
100.Blue Mist 752-1 Cameo Basket Beaded Boquet
101.Almond 752-1 Cameo Basket
102.Crystal Mist 752-1 Cameo Basket 50th wedding Bells
103.Decorated 5" covered Cat
104.Beaded Edge 2 Tier tid bit with Poinsettia
105.Lot of 2 Almond decorated Heart Plates
106.Lot of 2 misted Heart Plates with Daisies
107.Almond & Ruby Stained Heart Plates Decorated
108.Lot of 2 Victorian Trinket Boxes with Daisies
109.Lot of 2 Victorian Trinket Boxes Ruby & Mint Green decorated
110.Drape & Tassel Vase with Gold accents 9-1/4"
111.Green Marble 300-1 Star Shaped Pulled Bowl
112.Purple Marble 300-1 Star Shaped Pulled Bowl
113.Blue 300-1 Star Shaped Pulled Bowl
114.Dark Antique Blue Hand Vase 8-1/4"
115.Lot of 4 Childs 3 branch Candleholders
116.Waterford Mini Lamp Crystal with Gold
117.Waterford Mini Lamp Ice Blue Carnival
118.Lot of 2 decorated Mini Lamps
119.Lot of 4 early Milk Glass Hats
120.Waterford Mini Lamp Crystal Mist with Holly
121.Purple Marble Paneled Grape Puff Box
122.Lot of 4 1978 Christmas Ornaments all different
123.Lot of 2 Star Lites Crystal Mist decorated & Ruby Stained
124.Lot of 2 Crystal Mist Star Lites with Butterflies
125.Cased Star Lite with Birds
126.Milk Glass Punch Bowl Ladle
127.Line 78 Vase Blue Mist with Hand Painted Daisies
128.Pink English Hobnail Basket 6-1/2"
129.Lot of 2 Misted Decorated Bud Vases
130.Pink English Hobnail Covered Chocolate Box
131.Milk Glass Chick on Sleigh
132.Almond 753-1 Cameo Candy with Beaded Bouquet
133.Lot of 2 Pairs Spiral Candleholders
134.Blue Rooster Tail Creamer & Sugar with Underplate
135.Milk Glass Dolphin DP-2 Compote Charlton decoration Roses
136.Lot of 2 Covered Candies Green Irridized
137.Lot of 2 pieces Marble PG Compote & Leaf Tray
138.Ruby Old Quilt Cruet
139.Ruby Maple Leaf ML-5 Compote with Lid
140.Ruby 753-1 Cameo Candy Ruby Floral
141.Pink English Hobnail electric Lamp
142.Lot of 2 Old Quilt OQ-34 Covered Candies or Sugars
143.Lot of 2 Pieces Sawtooth Golden Sunset Grandfathers Bowl & ST-2 Cheese or Candy
144.Lot of 2 Pieces Sawtooth Grandfathers Bowl & ST-2 Cheese in Green
145.Divided Depression era Tray with Cutting 8-1/2"
146.Lot of 2 Pulpit Vases Ruby & Orange
147.Lot of 3 Pieces High Hob Purple carnival & green opalescent
148.Early Crystal Satin Sleigh with decor 5-1/4" long
149.Lotus Crystal Ruby Stained Striped Platter 12"
150.Ruby Lotus Platter Sides turned up 12"
151.Pink Mist CO-15 Colonial Vase
152.Ruby Floral BK-1 Basket D. Green 1982
153.Purple Mist BK-1 Basket with Daisies
154.Milk Glass BK-1 Basket with Rose & Gold Accents
155.Milk Glass BK-1 Basket with Roses & Bows
156.Almond Starfish Candleholders
157.Milk Glass Mother of Pearl Starfish Candleholders
158.Black Dolphin DP-2 Bowl
159.Crystal Dolphin DP-4 Candleholders 9"
160.Crystal Ruby Stained Rose & Trellis RL-1 Handled Vase
161.Blue Love Birds
162.Bermuda Blue Lovebirds
163.Yellow Mist Love Birds
164.Milk Glass Mother of Pearl Robin on Nest
165.Olive Green Mist Robin on Nest
166.Crystal Handled Tid Bit with Black Band & roses 10"
167.Black Line #219 Vase with Gold Decoration 7"
168.Antique Blue Duck on Wavy Base
169.Milk Glass Mother of Pearl Duck on Wavy Base
170.Mint Green AS-1 Argonaut Shell Candy
171.Yellow Cased Mini Lamp with Butterflies
172.Mint Green BK-1 Basket with Dogwood
173.Mint Green Basketweave Picnic Basket Candy
174.Antique Blue Chick on Basket
175.Milk Glass Chick on Basket
176.Yellow Stained Covered Candy with Cutting
177.Line 78 Vase Blue Mist with Hand Painted Daisies
178.Lilac Opalescent Maple Leaf Candleholders
179.Lot of 2 Paneled Grape Cruets
180.Sawtooth ST-7 Flared Footed Bowl 12" Blue
181.Blue Mist 3 piece Doric Console Set
182.Pink Mist Doric 3 piece Console Set
183.China Rose mini Lamp
184.Roses & Bows 1943-1 Urn
185.Ruby Stained 1943-1 Urn
186.Golden Sunset 1943-1 Urn
187.Yellow Mist Spiral Candleholders
188.Lotus LO-11 Vase Ruby with Flame Tips 11"
189.Lotus LO-11 Vase Black 12"
190.Rookwood Vase with Man
191.Milk Glass 1900-1 Vase with Yellow Roses
192.Green Mist 1900-1 Vase with Daisies
193.Ruby EH-73 English Hobnail Basket
194.Lot of 2 Lotus LO-19 Small Compotes
195.Paneled Grape PG-63 Cake Stand 10-1/2"
196.Yellow Mist Doric 3 piece Console set
197.Lot of 2 pieces Ruby Paneled Grape
198.Lot of 2 pieces Ruby Stained with Roses
199.Paneled Grape PG-118 Blue Basket
200.Paneled Grape PG -97 Compote Green
201.Lot of 2 Paneled Grape PG-117 Golden Sunset ruffled Compotes
202.Paneled Grape PG-69 Lipped Bowl 12"
203.Tid Bit 2 piece Cased with Black 10"
204.Cased Handled Tid Bit & Candleholders Black Spokes
205.Cased round Covered Candy or Dresser Box with Gold Bands
206.Cased Footed Deco Console Bowl Lancaster 10-1/4"
207.Lot of 9 Beaded Edge Hand Painted Floral Plates 7-1/2"
208.Milk Glass Bud Vase with Floral 10-1/2"
209.Green Marble Bud Vase 9"
210.Blue Opalescent American Hobnail Vase 9"
211.Mint Green Cherry & Cable Cookie Jar
212.Milk Glass Cherry & Cable Footed Cookie Jar
213.Paneled Grape PG-27 Ruby Covered Compote
214.Milk Glass Roses & bows BK-2 Large Basket
215.Ruby Stained Striped 752-1 Cameo Basket Decorated
216.Ruby Stained 752-1 Cameo Basket 40th Anniversary
217.Cased Lotus 13" Platter with Matching Candleholders
218.Cased Mint dish with flower Basket design 2-1/2" tall x 6-1/2" wide
219.Crystal Covered compote with Floral
220.Large Cased Console Bowl Orange with Black Lancaster? 10-1/2"
221.Large Cased Blue Console Bowl with Black Lancaster 10-1/2
222.Strawflower Handled Tid bit 9-1/2"
223.Blue Mist Lotus Console Set
224.Lot of 2 Ruby Flame Satin Bud Vases 9-1/2"
225.Lot of 2 Orange Bud Vases
226.Votive Lamp with Cardinal Metal Base
227.Spoke & Rim Bowl with Gold 10-3/4"
228.Ruby Stained Ball & Swirl Covered Compote
229.English Hobnail EH-124 Loving Cup Green
230.Mint Green Mini Lamp with Christmas Decoration
231.Rookwood Vase with Indians 6"
232.Large Rookwood 11-1/2" Green Floral Vase
233.Rookwood Vase with Iris 6"
234.Rookwood Vase Blue with Floral 6"
235.Green English Hobnail EH-214 Pinch Vase7-1/4"
236.Yellow Mist Mary Gregory Lamp on Electric Base
237.Reverse Decorated Satin mini Floral Lamp on Electric Base
238.Green English Hobnail EH-175 Electric Lamp
239.Lot of 2 Ruby 1700-1 Colonial Candies
240.Ruby Stained Floral 1900-1 Vase 6"
241.Ruby Stained 753-1 Ruby Cameo Candy
242.Lot of 2 Decorated TC-1 Treasure Chests
243.Lot of 4 Decorated Bells
244.Paneled Grape PG-27 Compote with Roses & Bows
245.Lot of 2 pieces Cased Lotus
246.Lot of 2 Praying Hands Trays Roses & Bows
247.Blue Mist Hen on Nest 5"
248.Lot of 2 Decorated Thimbles
249.Lot of 2 Cameo Bells Decorated
250.Early Ruby Stained Clock Candy Container 1910
251.Lot of 14 Stained Plates with Etching 7-1/2" WG?
252.Lot of 2 Pickle Jars 12" A few rim chips
253.Lot of 2 Beaded Grape BG-20 large Open Compotes
254.Milk Glass Cherry & Cable Cookie Jar
255.Ring & Pedal RP-10 Square Cake Stand
256.Lot of 2 Mini Lamps
257.Paneled Grape PG-5 Canape Tray with Fruit Cocktail & Ladle
258.Paneled Grape PG-119 Cake Salver 12" pattern on bottom with skirted foot
259.Paneled Grape PG-59 Skirted Cake Salver
260.Almond 752-1 Cameo Basket with Decoration
261.Almond 1902-2 Compote with hand painted Roses
262.Lot of 2 Almond 1700-1 Colonial Candies
263.Almond Beaded Bouquet Cameo Mini Lamp L. Kemerer 1979
264.Lot of 2 BK-1 Almond Decorated Baskets
265.Green Mist Oval Chocolate Box with Hand Painted Daisies
266.Lot of 2 pieces Almond Beaded Bouquet
267.Pair of Ruby Stained Waterford WF-24 Candleholders
268.Lot of 2 pieces Blue Satin Beaded Bouquet
269.Antique Blue Old Quilt OQ-10 Water Pitcher
270.Antique Blue Robin on Nest
271.Lot of 2 Paneled Grape PG-110 Swung Vases 13"
272.Milk Glass 1902-2 Compote with China Rose
273.Lot of 3 Pieces Almond Cameo basket PG & 1902 puff boxes
274.Lot of 2 Waterford 1943-1 Milk Glass Urns with Roses & Bows
275.Blue Mist 1902-10 Compote with Daisies
276.Lot of 2 Heart Shaped Decorated Plates
277.Ashburton AB-11 Covered Candy with Roses & Bows
278.Lot of 2 Decorated Mini Lamps Bicentennial & Dogwood
279.Almond Beaded Bouquet 753-1 Cameo Candy
280.Lot of 3 Pieces Misc. Westmoreland
281.Lot of 3 pieces Decorated Paneled Grape
282.Lot 4 Pieces misc WG / BE & 101 Plates & 2 bells
283.Lot of 3 Vases - 2 Paneled Grape 1 Ball & Swirl
284.Lot of 3 pieces Paneled Grape
285.Lot of 3 pieces English Hobnail
286.Yellow Mist Waterford Mini Lamp with Decoration
287.Lot of 6 pieces English Hobnail
288.Lot of 7 pieces English Hobnail
289.Lot of Paneled Grape Dresser Tray Cream & Sugars
290.Lot of 5 pieces misc Westmoreland

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