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Item Description
01.Rookwood Vase Brown Dog with Bird 8-1/4"
02.Rookwood vase brown with Stag 8-1/4" some paint loss
03.Rookwood vase with floral 8" some typical top edge roughness
04.Rookwood vase brown with Mok 8-1/4" some typical top edge roughness
05.Rookwood vase blue with Forget Me Nots 8-1/4" some typical top edge roughness
06.Rookwood vase brown with Stag 8-1/4" some typical top edge roughness
07.Rookwood vase Green with Forget Me Nots 8-1/2" some typical top edge roughness
08.Rookwood vase Blue & yellow with Floral 8-1/4" some typical top edge roughness
09.Rookwood vase light Brown with forget Me Nots 8-1/4" some typical top edge roughness
10.Rookwood Vase Brown with Apples 8-1/4" some typical top edge roughness
11.Rookwood Vase with Iris 8-1/4" some typical top edge roughness
12.Rookwood Vase with forget Me Nots some typical top edge roughness
13.3 Piece lot of Palm Tree decorated pieces
14.Rookwood Bud Vase green with Monk 4-1/2"
15.Rookwood Bud Vase Pink & Green floral 6-1/2"
16.Rookwood Vase Yellow with Dutch Windmill 6-1/4"
17.Lot of 2 mini Rookwood Vases with Indians 5"
18.Mini Rookwood Vase with Monk 4"
19.Purple Carnival Santa on Sleigh
20.Milk Glass Mother of Pearl Santa on Sleigh with Holly (dirty)
21.Lot of 5 Decorated Slippers
22.Crystal Decorated Perfume Bottle with Dipper 7-1/4" WG?
23.Purple Carnival Old Quilt Water Set
24.LG Wright Blue Carnival Water Set Bless Our Home
25.Antique Blue Cat with Milk Glass Head 5"
26.2 Piece Lot ruby Bowls Wildflower & Lace & Maple Leaf
27.Large paneled Grape Bermuda Blue Basket
28.Cased Glass 3 piece Lotus Console Set
29.1910 Shriners Glass New Orleans Pittsburgh
30.Milk Glass Covered Camel
31.Milk Glass Mother Eagle
32.Rookwood Vase with Indian 7-1/2"
33.Antique Blue Covered Lion
34.Lot of 2 Large Milk glass Hens on Nests
35.Ruby Floral Mini Lamp E. Brown 1977
36.lot of 6 Butterflies
37.Rookwood Pitcher with 3 Monks 8-3/4" some paint loss
38.Medium Ruby Sawtooth Covered Compote 10"
39.Large Sawtooth Covered Compote Golden Sunset 13-1/2"
40.Rookwood Pitcher with Monk 4"
41.Set of 4 Rookwood mugs with slogans
42.Fort Deerborn cutting handled tidbit tray 10-1/2" diameter
43.Cased glass tidbit orange decor 7-1/2" tall
44.Large Fort Deerborn cutting footed console bowl 11-1/2"
45.Cut glass 3pc. console set floral decor
46.Cut Console bowl blue/crystal 10-1/2"
47.Large bowl crystal/blue Gold Bands with floral 11-1/4"
48.Rolled Edge Footed Bowl cut/cased 9-1/2" wide
49.Pair of Green cased candleholders Cut 9-1/4"
50.Small cased tidbit w/Floral Basket Decoration 6-1/2" wide x 2-1/4" tall
51.Tid Bit with Black Band & floral decor6-3/4" wide x 2-1/4" tall
52.Green Cased Divided Relish Tray Deco 13" Diameter minor fleabite
53.Pair Antique Blue Cornucopias
54.Line 1902 Purple Dresser set
55.Old Quilt Dresser Set
56.Paneled Grape Dresser set with Gold Decor
57.Swimming Retriever Platter Milk glass 9-3/4" x 13-1/2" Maker?
58.Green Mist Decorated basket 9-1/2" tall
59.Milk glass Basket with Roses & Bows 9-1/2"
60.Early Milk glass Oriental Mustard Jar some paint loss
61.Lotus Yellow Cased Creamer & Sugar
62.Large Milk Glass Sleigh with Holly
63.Purple Carnival Peacock Creamer & Sugar etched 1974
64.Lot of 4 Owl toothpick Holders
65.Lot of 4 Three Swan Toothpick Holders
66.Antique Blue Early cupid Plate
67.Early Milk Glass 3 Cat Plate with Gold
68.Milk Glass standing Rooster
69.Ruby Mary Gregory Basket S. Murphy 1979
70.Purple Marble Doric Compote Brown Marble PG Vase lot of 2
71.Large Green Open Sawtooth Compote 9" tall x 11-3/4" wide
72.1972 Black Christmas Plate #1662 L. Plues
73.1973 Christmas Plate #13 L. Plues
74.1974 Christmas Plate #529 Smail
75.1975 Christmas Plate #120 L. Plues
76.Beaded edge Dinner Plate with Holly Decoration 10-1/2"
77.2 Piece Crystal Tid Bit with Leaf Decor 9-3/4" Maker?
78.Cased Footed Bowl with Roses WG?
79.Cased Tid Bit with Boats WG?
80.3pc. Lot Compote & covered Candies Cased & Decorated Maker?
81.Fort Deerborn Cutting Bowl 8" wide x 3-1/4" tall
82.Lot of 2 Deco Cased glass Floral Bowls Maker?
83.Fort Deerborn Cutting 2pc. Chip & Dip 10" wide
84.Crystal Candleholders Yellow Cased with Black Trim 9-1/4" tall Maker?
85.Cased Fan Vase Black Band with roses 8-1/4"
86.Fort Deerborn Cutting Mint dish 7-3/8" wide x 2" tall
87.Amber Covered Candy Cut, Cased 7-1/2" tall
88.Pair of Fort Deerborn Cutting Candleholders 3-1/4" tall
89.LG Wright Paneled Grape Punch Bowl Set 10 cups & underplate
90.Lot of 3 floral Baskets
91.Lot of 2 Pink Mist Baskets with Daisies
92.Westmoreland Glass Dealers sign 8-1/2" Long
93.Lot of 4 Black Mary Gregory Plates with Original Box
94.Lot of 3 Baskets with Holly Decoration
95.Milk Glass Punch Bowl Ladle
96.Large Purple Marble Hen on Nest
97.Cherry & Cable Cookie Jar
98.Large Crystal Thousand Eye Console Bowl 11" wide x 4-1/2" tall
99.Almond Spiral Candleholders
100.Early Westmoreland Specialty Chick on Sleigh
101.Blue Satin Cameo Candy Beaded Boquet
102.Almond Cameo Candy Beaded Boquet
103.Brown Mist Cameo Basket
104.Half Pound Candy with Gold Bands
105.Pair Bracket Candleholders 8-1/2" tall
106.Lattice Edge Plate with Hand Painted Bird 10-1/2"
107.Lattice edge Plate with Hand Painted Turkey 10-1/2"
108.Lattice Edge Plate Hand Painted with Flying Duck 10-1/2"
109.Lattice Edge Plate with Hand Painted Pheasant 10-1/2"
110.Lot of 2 Milk Glass Hatchets paint loss
111.Set of 6 Toilet Bottles with Roses
112.Lot of 3 Toilet Bottles Black Bands Roses & floral
113.Lot of 2 Toilet Bottles Cased
114.Toilet Bottle with Roses
115.Lot of 2 Misc. Toilet Bottles
116.Lot of 2 Perfumes with Dippers WG?
117.Colonial Candleholder Black with Roses
118.Colonial Candleholder Crystal with Cutting
119.Large Sleigh with Blue & gold Decoration some straw marks
120.Blue Dolphin Covered Candy
121.Pair Crystal Mist Starfish Candle Holders
122.Ruby Mary Gregory Plate Boy Fishing L. Plues 1980
123.Ruby Mary Gregory Plate Boy Ice Skating L. Plues 1981
124.Ruby Mary Gregory Plate Girl Ice Skating Loughner 1981
125.Ruby Mary Gregory Plate Girl on Swing L. Plues 1979
126.Lot of 2 line 1902 Tumblers with Daisies
127.Paneled Grape Water Pitcher Aqua Marine
128.Lilac Opalescent Hobnail Round Cheese
129.Paneled Grape Egg Plate with Center Cup & Ladle Dirty, needs washed!
130.Paneled Grape Almond 2 Tier Tid Bit
131.Divided relish Pink with Gold Bands 4pc. Maker?
132.Crystal Yellow Cased Divided Relish w/Fruit maker?
133.Lot of 2 Cased Glass Pansy Baskets
134.Lot of 3 Line # 1902 Soap Dishes
135.Covered Hen & Rooster Milk Glass w/Blue Heads 5"
136.1909 Shriners Glass
137.1911 Shriners Glass
138.1908 Shriners Glass
139.Lot of 4 Hens 3"
140.Lot of 4 Hens 3"
141.Set of 10 Line 101 Plates with Zodiac All different
142.Lot of 3 Pieces Paneled Grape
143.Pair of Shelf supports 7-1/4"
144.Pair Shelf Supports 9"
145.Early Milk Glass Wolf Plate 6"
146.Pair Scroll Candle Holders with Holly
147.Lot of 2 Star Lites with Birds
148.Lot of 2 Star Lites Flashed
149.Deco perfume with Dipper
150.Milk Glass Thimble with Holly

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