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Item Description
1.Royal Doulton Elaine Figure #HN2791 1979
2.Lot of 7 Vintage Models & Boxes put together see pics
3.Lot of 4 Coca Cola Tin Trays
4.Vernons Plastic Bottle Cap Wall Clock by Tommy Tucker 11"
5.Royal Doulton Stephanie Figure #HN4907 2006
6.New Hope Tin Litho Friction Car with Box 10-3/4"
7.Lot of Beer Advertising, Stoneys Tin Tray, Coasters, Etc.
8.New Old Stock Planters Peanut Wooden Roadster Display Car in Original Box
9.Gilbert HO Train Set in Box
10.Westmoreland Glass Bird in Hand Covered Candy Dish
11.Genesee Beer Lighted Sign w/1912 Thomas Flyer 60 working 3 pics
12.Tin Litho Express Delivery Service Truck 9-3/4" 3 pics
13.Lot of 11 Halloween & Thanksgiving Postcards
14.Lance Store Display Cracker Jar with Original Tin Lid
15.Miller Genuine Draft Beer NFL Lighted Sign
16.Marx Tin Litho Auto Garage with Automatic Door 9"x9" near mint condition
17.Porcelain Mobile Regular Gas Pump Panel 12"x13"
18.Embossed Copper Wall Mirror w/Admiral Dewey & Others 18" 2pics
19.Early 1900s Unusual Bearcat Standard Moving Picture Machine 4pics
20.1 Cent Stamp Machine with Key
21.Marx Tin Litho Super Hot Rod Battery Op. 11" w/Box 3pics
22.Lot of 4 Tin Coca Cola Trays
23.Royal Doulton Regal Lady Figure #HN2709
24.1920s Pressed Steel Keystone Dump Truck 24" 4pics
25.Westmoreland Glass Standing Rooster & Smith Milk Glass Hen
26.Lot of 3 Pieces Fenton Silvercrest including 13" Vase
27.1940s Era Desk Telephone
28.Royal Doulton Simone Figure #HN2378 1970
29.1950s Duquesne Beer Lighted Sign 6"x9-1/2" working
30.1989 Remington Bullet 2 Blade Knife R1128 with box
31.Structo Livestock Trucking Stake Body Truck 14" Super Clean 14" 3pics
32.1940s Wurlitzer 5 Cent Booth Jukebox Selector with Key 2pics
33.One of a Kind Original Anchor Hocking Glass Corp. Glass Sign from original Building. 24"x60" 3pics
34.Glass RX Pharmacy Sign Panel 44" long
35.Pam Boyer Root Destroyer Advertising Clock Original Working Order 3pics
36.Lot of 18 Leather Postcards
37.Lot of NOS Buster Brown Shoe Trees
38.Structo Pressed Steel Tandem Axel Hydraulic Dump Truck very clean
39.Planters Peanuts Embossed Store Display Jar
40.WW2 Air Force Flight Manuals with Case 3pics
41.Lot of 12 Redline Hotwheels 2pics
42.Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies Emily Figure #HN4817 2005
43.Royal Doulton Lady Jane Figure 1997 Micheal Doulton Exclusive signed 2pics
44.Battery Operated Indian Toy
45.Lot of 4 Coca Cola Tin Trays
46.Vintage Pay Telephone turned into Table Lamp
47.Royal Doulton Grace Figure #HN2318 1965
48.1920s Oak Countertop Store Display Showcase 24-1/2"x32"x15" high 2 pics
49.1991 Remington R1178 Bullet Mini Trapper Knife
50.Lot of 12 Pieces Fenton Hobnail
51.Original 1923 Coca Cola Christmas Store Display Bottle Dated 12/25 1923 20" Tall 3pics
52.Rare & Early Amberina Hand Blown Glass Basket by Stevens & Williams
53.Royal Doulton Victoria Figure #HN2471 1972
54.Royal Doulton Gail Figure #HN2937 1985
55.Lot of 10 Cars Plastic Model & Friction 1 metal
56.Battery Op Hong Kong Rickshaw Toy with Box
57.Original Porcelain Mail Pouch Thermometer 27" harder to find smaller size 3pics
58.Highly Detailed Large Elephant Figure with great detail (no tusks) see all pics
59.Detailed Large Giraffe Figure just under 6ft. tall
60.Original 15" Lighted Gruen Watch Time Advertising Wall Clock metal case with Glass front & working. 3pics
61.Lot of 2 Steel Coca Cola Panels
62.Original Ingraham Self Starting Norfolk Ham Wooden Case Wall Clock 14-1/2" working 3pics
63.Genesee Beer Lighted Sign with 1911 Simplex 50 very clean 2 pics
64.Genesee Beer Lighted Sign with 10 NOS Inserts clean
65.Marx Tin Litho Sand & Gravel Dump Truck 10" very clean 2pics
66.Budweiser King of Beers Lighted Sign working
67.Miller Genuine Draft Bartop Advertising with Clock
68.Lot of 40 Vintage Postcards
69.Lot of Character Finger Puppets Etc.
70.Rogers Silverplate Service for 12 in Wooden Case
71.Lot of Plastic Vehicle Toys & Diecast fire Engine
72.Royal Doulton Ninette Figure #HN2379 1970
73.Royal Doulton Soiree Figure #HN2312 1966
74.Lot of 4 Coca Cola Tin Trays
75.Tyco HO Train Set in Box
76.Lot of 7 Volumes Harry Potter like new
77.Kraeuter Mechanic Tools Oak Display Cabinet 17"x33" 2pics
78.Royal Doulton Dawn Figure #HN3600 1993
79.Lot of 3 Pieces Milk Glass, Covered Iron & Fish & Pattern Mini Oil Lamp
80.Milk Glass Westmoreland Cat & Smith Rabbit
81.Westmoreland Doric & Sawtooth Covered Compotes
82.Royal Doulton Celeste Figure #HN2237 1958
83.Remington R1178C 2 Blade Bullet Knife 2003
84.Tin Litho Friction Greyhound Bus & Truck Toys
85.Royal Doulton Lilac Time Figure #HN2137 1953
86.Royal Doulton Jessica Figure #HN3850 1996 signed
87.Lot of 4 Coca Cola Tin Trays
88.Lot of Vintage Charlie Brown, Family Circus, Andy Capp & other Books
89.Royal Doulton Fragrance Figure #HN2334 1965
90.Lot of Diecast & other Cars & Vehicles
91.Lot of 5 Westmoreland Glass Mini Lamps 1 with original box.
92.Lot of Plasticville
93.Royal Doulton Top o The Hill Figure #HN1834
94.Lot of 4 Coca Cola Tin Trays
95.Royal Doulton Christine Figure #HN2792 1977
96.Metal & Glass Little Sprout Gumball Machine
97.Lot of 60 Postcards 3pics ( The 3 Halloween Cards are Reproduction)
98.Icehouse Framed Bar Display
99.Lot of 2 Steel Coca Cola Panels
100.Lot Crest Telephone Kool Aid Sno Cones & M&M Figure
101.Lot of 6 Campbells Kids Dolls Mint in Boxes
102.WW1 Military Portrait in Military Frame w/Convex Glass
103.Lot Character Hand Puppets Buddy L Coca Cola Truck Advertising Watches Etc. 2pics
104.Nice Quality Vintage Split Oak Basket
105.Lot of Costume Jewelry & Wristwatches
106.Royal Doulton The Last Waltz Figure #HN2315 1965
107.Royal Doulton Diana Princess of Whales Figure #HN5061 2007
108.Lot of Bryers & Other Horses, Tonto, Etc.
109.Lot of 30 Vintage Comic Books 3pics
110.Royal Doulton Alison Figure #HN2336 1965
111.Remington 1980s Era R-8 Stockman 3 Blade Knife with Box
112.Lot of 30 Vintage Comic Books 3pics
113.Royal Doulton Loretta Figure #HN2337 1965
114.Royal Doulton Hilary Figure #HN2335 1966
115.Lot Advertising Wooden Vacuum Oil Box, Tin Salada Tea Shelf Sign & Carstairs Glass Bowl
116.Lot of 3 Dunkin Donut Trucks 1995
117.Lot of 5 Coca Cola Tin Trays
118.Lot of 30 Vintage Comic Books 3pics
119.Royal Doulton Nina Figure #HN2347 1968
120.Lot Coin Banks Vintage Darts Original Peter Indian, Etc. 2pics
121.Case XX Muskrat 2 Blade Pocket Knife
122.Milk Glass Lavabo & 2 pieces Fenton
123.Celluloid Keywind Pecking Chicks Toy
124.Royal Doulton Fleur Figure #HN2368 1967
125.Royal Doulton Fair Lady Figure #HN2193 1962
126.Lot Dog Figures, Dolls, Cookie Cutters, Etc.
127.Boker #9229 2 Blade Knife with Sheath
128.Structo Pressed Steel Shovel
129.Royal Doulton Geraldine Figure #HN2348 1971
130.Royal Doulton Melanie Figure #HN2271 1964
131.Bonus Bowling Alley Pinball Machine Back Plexiglass
132.Coca Cola Served With Ice Advertising Panel8-1/4" x 24-1/2"
133.Lot of 70 Vintage Postcards 3pics
134.1900s Child & Baby Portrait in Oval Convex Frame
135.Lot of Various Coca Cola Items
136.Large Tin of Buttons
137.Lot of 70 Vintage Postcards 3pics
138.Lot of Bordens Elsie the Cow Items 3pics
139.Buster Brown Coloring Book & 2 Buster Brown Secret Agent Periscopes
140.Lot of Costume Jewelry with Box
141.Royal Doulton The Polka Figure #HN2156 1954
142.Royal Doulton Charlotte Figure #HN2421 1971
143.Lot of 5 Coca Cola Tin Trays
144.Lot Vintage Comic Books Maps, Santa Postcards, Photos, Etc. 4pics
145.Stauer 3 Blade Knife with Box knife blade, guthook & saw
146.Royal Doulton Songs of Christmas Winter Wonderland Figure #HN5639 2013
147.Royal Doulton Linda Figure # HN2706 1974
148.Royal Doulton Julia Figure #HN2706 1974
149.Roya Doulton Jean Figure #HN2710 1983
150.Royal Doulton My Love Figure #HN2339 1965
151.Lot of 4 Coca Cola Tin Trays
152.Lot of 3 Knives Buck 373, Schrade Old Timer & Remington Lockback
153.Mr. Peanut 75th Birthday Advertising Mirror 19"x25"
154.Zee Friction Racers & other Cars
155.Lot Bend Ems Star Wars Figures, Space Shuttle Model factory Sealed & Diecast Airplane
156.Royal Doulton Lorna Figure #HN2311 1964
157.Royal Doulton Delight Figure #HN1772
158.Royal Doulton Christmas Morn Figure #HN1992 1946
159.Lot of Vintage Christmas Items in Variety 3pics
160.Lot of 6 Coca Cola Tin Trays
161.Lot of Mr. Peanut & Coca Cola Santa & other Cardboard Store Displays
162.WW2 Uncle Sam Patriotic Poster 15"x20"
163.Lot of 4 King of England Declarations
164.Lot Coin Banks, Mini Cars, Metal Animals, Etc. 2pics
165.Lot of 6 Coca Cola Tin Trays 1 is an original 1914 with a hole in center 2pics
166.Lot of Barney items including Bedside Lamp in Box
167.Large Lot of Vintage Postcards 4pics
168.Lot Advertising blotters, Military Headset & Mic Etc. 2pics
169.Lot of Campbells, Buster Brown & Aunt Jemima Character Items
170.Lot Auto Manuals, Sports Items, Etc. 3pics
171.Lot of Various Small Items, Old Keys, Etc.
172.Lot of Beer Advertising Stoneys, Pabst & others
173.Lot of Vintage Beverage Glasses Sets
174.Lot Camp Stove, Poosh Em Up Game & Copper Tray
175.Lot of Coca Cola & Beer Advertising 3pics
176.Lot Misc. Train Items Gantry Crane, Lionel Operating Forklift, Track, Etc. 2pics
177.Lot of Coca Cola Items Score Pads, Watch Fob, Etc. 3pics
178.Lot of Sports Items 3 AHI 1963 Baseball Figures, Clemente Display, Vintage Pennant, Etc. 3pics
179.Lot of Westmoreland & other Milk Glass
180.Lot of Westmoreland & other Milk Glass
181.Lot Westmoreland Paneled Grape & Various Milk Glass Plates
182.Lot of Sports Memorabilia
183.Lot of Various Small Items, Playing Cards, Etc.
184.Lot of 2 Vintage Regent Dartboards with Dartball 2pics
185.Lot of Toy Guns
186.Lot of Vintage Toy Parts, Emmit Kelly, Popeye the Weatherman, Etc. 2pics
187.Lot of Many Baseball Cards

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