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Item Description
1.Secret Service Gun Lite on Original Store Display Card with Box
2.Lot of 31 Vintage Matchbox Construction Toys
3.Lot of 8 1940s-50s Pin Up Pocket Notebooks
4.Ertl 1/16th Scale Diecast Farmall Cub Tractor 1991
5.Lot of 8 Disney Matchbox Cars on Cards
6.Lot of 3 Speedy Banks Motion Car Banks on Cards
7.Lot of 5 Apollo Lunar Modules Models Factory Sealed
8.Original 1980s Era Mr. T Figure on Card & Plastic Coin Bank
9.Ertl 1/16th Scale Farmall Cub Diecast Tractor 1992
10.Coca Cola Toy Dispenser in Original Box
11.Wooden Showcase with Small Collectibles
12.Large Brass Bucket
13.Mighty Casey Electric Ride On Train Engine
14.Lot of Marx Historic Guns
15.Lot of 20 Pez No Foot Candy Dispensers see additional pictures
16.Lost in Space Robot in Box
17.1988 Ertl 1/12th Scale Snapper Rear Engine Riding Tractor Diecast
18.Ornate Cast Iron Table Mirror 12-1/2"x14-1/2"
19.Lot of Paper Memorabilia Ford, Coca Cola Uhaul
20.M*A*S*H 4077 Medical Unit Jeep with Figure in Box
21.Lot of 27 Matchbox/Hotwheels Cars
22.1988 Ertl 1/12th Scale Snapper Lawn Tractor with Trailer diecast
23.M*A*S*H 4077 Swamp Scene Model by Revell Factory Sealed
24.Lot of Wristwatches & 15 Jewell Pocket Watch as-is
25.Matchbox Big MX Mechanized Coal Hopper & Tipper Truck mint in box
26.Matchbox Big MX Mechanized Incinerator Site & Refuse Truck mint in box
27.Flashing Railroad Signal Light
28.Lot of Crocodile Hunter Action Figures
29.Lot of 15 1950s Era Advertising Blotters
30.10 Pound Jumbo Salted Peanuts Tin
31.Double Marked PRR Railroad Lantern
32.Lot of 3 Ertl Diecast Delivery Van Coin Banks
33.Lot of 12 Matchbox Models of Yesteryear
34.Ertl Diecast 1/16th scale Farmall Cub Tractor 1990
35.Lot of 15 Beatles Magazines
36.Our Gang Clubhouse Set with Box and 4 figures
37.Ertl Diecast 1/16th Scale John Deere 2550 Tractor in box
38.Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Wooden Trolley mint in box
39.Lot of 29 Vintage Road Maps
40.Lot of Furbie & other Character Items
41.Lot of 24 Matchbox Hotwheels & Tootsie Toys
42.Lot of 26 No Foot Pez Candy Dispensers in Wrappers see additional pictures
43.Ertl 1/16th Scale Ford Tractors & Equipment Tilt Bed Truck #829
44.Lot of 2 Hall of Fame J I Joes
45.Lot of Action Figures
46.Childs Battery operated Sewing Machine Complete in Box
47.Lot of 3 Partial Erector Sets
48.Marx Tin litho Farm Tractor & Implements in Original Box near mint
49.The Grinch Radio Controlled Getaway Car in Box
50.Lot of Character Hand Puppets
51.Lot of 22 Marx Pocket tools plus extras
52.Wooden Showcase with Small Collectibles
53.The Waltons Dolls
54.1988 Ertl Diecast 1/12th Scale Snapper Lawn Tractor with Trailer
55.Lot of 74 1950s-60s TV Guides
56.Lot of 4 Ertl John Deere Tractors various scales
57.Lumar Tin Litho Emergency Searchlight Truck excellent condition
58.Lot of 2 WW2 Field Radios with extra Batteries
59.Lot of 2 True Value Diecast truck Banks
60.Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun new in package
61.Lot of 3 Portable Radios in Boxes
62.Lot of 28 Advertising Blotters
63.Daisy Monte Carlo BB Gun in Box
64.Ertl Diecast 1/16th Scale Farmall Cub Tracor
65.Lot of Gravely Bolens & other Sales Brochures
66.Lot of 24 Hotwheels Matchbox Cars & Trucks
67.Lot of 3 Cigar Boxes of Small Collectibles
68.CO2 Pellet Rifle
69.Lot of Misc. Lionel Rolling Stock
70.Lot of Lesney Tootsie Toy & Matchbox Construction Toys
71.Lot of 3 Pieces Matchbox in original boxes
72.16" Gnome Lawn Sprinkler
73.Lot of 2 Tin Litho Typewriters
74.Metal Lamp with Alladin Shade
75.Bachman G Scale Compatible Hand Car with Trailer
76.Beam Train Engine 2 Cars & Caboose Decanters in boxes
77.Lot of 18 Matchbox new on cards
78.Lot of Pocket Knives, Badges, Etc
79.Lot of New Kitchen Items
80.Crossman model 130 Pellet Pistol with Holster
81.Lot Drink Mixers Zulu Lulu WC Fields Battery tester Batman Puzzle
82.Lot of New Flashlights & Knife Sheaths
83.Lot of 2 Vintage Gas Station Hats
84.Lot of Pocket Cars & Fast Macs 15pcs. total
85.Ertl Diecast 1/16th Scale Farmall Cub Tractor
86.Erlt Diecast 1/16th Scale Farmall Cub Tractor
87.Crossman CO2 Pistol & Cartridges
88.Lot of 2 Ertl Diecast truck Banks Cracker Jack & Case Tractors
89.Lot of 5 Vintage Cameras Brownie Scout, Etc.
90.Lot of 17 Matchbox Cars on Cards
91.Stoneware Crock with Walking Sticks, Bats, Umbrellas, Etc.
92.Lot of 25 Matchbox, Etc.
93.Lot of 40 Matchbox Hotwheels 1 Redline
94.Lot of Hotwheels & Matchbox Cars
95.Daisy #195 Buzz Barton Special BB Gun
96.Lot of Various Small Collectibles, Paper, Matchbox, Etc.
97.Wire matchbox Car Store Display Rack
98.Lot of 4 Modern Tin Signs
99.Lot of Vintage 45 RPM Records
100.Lot of 6 Tractor Trailer Toys in boxes
101.Lot of Vintage Popular Mechanics & Fortune Magazines
102.Lot of Character & Advertising Glasses & Mugs
103.Ertl Diecast 1976-79 Farmall Cub Tractor 1/16th scale
104.Ertl Fanny Farmer delivery Truck in box
105.Mens Hamilton Wristwatch
106.Daisy model 96 BB Gun
107.Trexaco Diecast Truck & Horse Drawn Tanker Coin Banks
108.Lot of 10 Matchbox Models of Yesteryear
109.Lot of Books, Boy Scouts Beach Boys Coin Books, Etc.
110.Lot of 3 Wooden & 1 Glass Rolling Pins, Coffee Grinder & Sad Iron
111.Cast Iron Mr. Peanut Coin Bank 10-1/2" newer
112.Lot of Little Golden & other Childrens Books
113.Lot of approx. 19 Matchbox, Etc.
114.Lot of 5 Models 3 are factory sealed
115.Lot of 2 Ace Hardware Diecast Truck Banks
116.Large Lot of Childrens Books
117.Modern Cast Iron Large Pig Bank
118.Crossman BB Gun
119.Approx. 500 Star Wars Cards plus others
120.Lot of Books Gene Autry, Beverly Hillbillies, Boy Scouts & others
121.Ertl Diecast 1/16th Scale Farmall Cub Tractor
122.Ertl Diecast 1/16th Scale Farmall Cub Tractor
123.Marxman CO2 Pistol with Cartridges
124.Lot of Railroad Magazines
125.Lot of 5 Ertl Joal & other Construction Toys
126.Large Cast Iron Griddle
127.Dinah Mite Character Doll, Action Figure & Superman Thermos
128.Steamline Brick Craft Building Set Mint
129.Lot of 7 Cameras, Box, Argus, Etc.
130.Stereoptican & Cards & Viewmasters
131.Lot of Various Toys Including Buddy L Truck with 1 wheel missing
132.Lot of 2 Diecast Truck Banks
133.Ertl Diecast 1/16th Scale 1934 John Deere model A Tractor in box
134.Lot of 2 Ertl Diecast Montgomery Ward Truck Banks
135.LOt of 31 Tin Reproduction Auto Emblems
136.Lot of 3 Diecast Truck & Horsedrawn Wagon Coin Banks
137.Lot Mini Anvil & Pocket Tools
138.2 Ertl Diecast 1/16th Scale Farmall Cub Tractors bid each x 2
139.Lot of 4 NSync Bobble Heads, Lord of the Rings Ghostbusters Soap Bottle, etc.
140.Lot of 11 pieces Diecast cars, Etc.
141.Lot including Vintage Santa Light Up Figure, Hallmark Ornaments, 7 Up Flashlight
142.Lot of Misc. Small Toys
143.Large Lot Vintage Toys, Firemans Toy hats, Charlie the Bartender, Etc.
144.Ertl Diecast John Deere Loader & International Farm Tractor
145.Large Lot of Assorted Small Collectibles
146.Tin Litho Micro Vac Toy Vacuum mint on box
147.Lot of Pez Dispensers
148.Lot of HO Train Engines & Cars
149.Lot of 9 Cars & Trucks
150.Lot of 2 Cast iron Griddles 1 with Grease Spout
151.Childs Tools Set & Dish Set
152.Lot of 2 Energizer Bunnies new in boxes
153.Lot of 2 Ford Diecast Farm Tractors
154.Nylint Explorer, Patriot Missle Play set, Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch
155.Lot of Depression & other Glassware
156.8 Piece Metal Stacking Cabinet
157.Campbells Soup Plastic Tractor Trailer in Box 36"
158.Lot of Military Clothes, Bed Roll, Etc.
159.Coca Cola Mechanical Santa Bank
160.Hallmark Kiddie Car Classic Kidillac
161.Large Lot of Misc. Toys, Etc.
162.Lot of 8 BB Guns, Pop Guns, Toys Guns as-is
163.Lot of 3 Acoustic Guitars
164.Lot Safe Coin Banks, Folgers Coffee Radio, Little Sprout Pencil Sharpener
165.Large Lot of Paper Memorabilia, Beatles, Etc.
166.Large Lot Various Smalls, Costume Jewelry, Etc.
167.Wolverine Tin Litho Adding Machine near mint with box
168.Erector Set & Lego Bulldozer
169.Flintstones Finger Puppets & other Toys
170.Lot of 2 Vintage Fans
171.Lot of Dinosaur Items & Models
172.Large Lot Various Toys Etc.
173.Lot of 2 Quilts
174.Lot of Advertising Tins & Stoneware Jug
175.Lot of Decanters, Flag & Glass Cane
176.Lot Including Pyrex, Kelloggs Bowls, Etc.
177.New in Box Meade 10x50 Binoculars
178.Flip Top Tote with Contents, Toys, Etc.
179.Huge Lot of 10 Boxes assorted small items NOS VHS Tapes, Many Road Maps, Christmas Items, Misc. Items

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