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Item Description
1.Lot of 35 Character Glasses
2.Lot of 8 Oscar Meyer Weiner Banks & Batman Bank
3.Lot of Vintage Christmas, small Blow mold Candleholders, Etc.
4.Lot Cookie Monster Alarm Clock Radio, Etc.
5.Lot of 4 Boxes Misc. Toys, Etc.
6.Lot of Character Items Kelloggs, Snow White & 7 Dwarfs Mugs, Etc.
7.Lot McDonalds Dukes of Hazzard items, Banks, Etc.
8.Lot of 7 Boxes Misc. Collectibles & Various Items
9.Lot Dick Tracy, Stagecoach Radio, McDonalds, Etc.
10.Tonka Commemorative Dump Truck Silver Edition
11.Lot. Mr. Peanut Peanut Butter Maker, Hub Bubs Diner, Gilligan Paint Set, Etc.
12.Lot of 3 Boxes, McDonalds, Transistor radio, Etc.
13.Bionic Man Video Center & Mission Vehicle
14.Lot of Character Plush Items
15.Lot 1990s Era Rugrats Window Decor other Character & Misc. Items
16.Lot Pillsbury Dough Boy & other Character Items
17.Lot Vintage Toys, Chutes Away, Horses, Fighting Ace
18.Victorian Walnut Cradle
19.Lot of 4 Boxes Misc. Items
20.Primitive Yarn Winder
21.McDonalds Freight Train
22.Lot of 4 Metal Coin Banks
23.Lot of 8 Ford Tractor Implement Sales Brochures very good condition
24.Lot of 8 Ford Tractor Implement Sales Brochures very good condition
25.Maxwell House Coffee Maker 8 Coca Cola Glasses & Zephyr Sign
26.Lot of 4 Boxes of Misc. Items
27.Lot of Dolls & other Childs Items
28.Lot of Games & Puzzles, Fess Parker, Calculator Cash Register, Etc.
29.1930s Era China Cabinet
30.Cast Iron Kettle with Stand
31.Large Lot Various Housewares, Microwave, Kitchenware, Etc.
32.Kitchen Table with 4 Chairs & extra board
33.Lot 2 Atari Kool Aid Man Games Alligators, Etc.
34.Lot of Vintage Paper Memorabilia, Magazines, Etc.
35.3 Drawer Chest
36.Lot Glassware, Fenton basket, Westmoreland, Hens on Nests
37.Oak 4 Drawer Chest
38.1930s Era Wardrobe Cabinet
39.Large Lot Flatware & Kitchen Items
40.Ornate Round Oak Stand
41.Lot of Paper Games News, Erotic Movies, Collector Identification Books, Etc
42.Lot of 6 Ford Dearborn Farm Tractor Implement Sales Brochures very good condition
43.Lot of 8 Ford Farm Tractor Implement Sales Brochures very good condition
44.New in Box Unused Flatware Set
45.Lot of Vintage Paper Memorabilia
46.Lot of 1970s-80s Playboy & Penthouse Mens Magazines
47.Lot of 3 Boxes of Books, Magazines & Paper
48.Vintage 1930s era Steel Porch Swing
49.Lot of Kool Aid Items
50.Cedar Chest with Linens ( 1 foot needs repair)
51.Lot of 6 Boxes Misc. Items, Christmas, Etc.
52.Basket Lot Weinnie Banks, Clocks, Pendants, Etc
53.Yardlong Panaramic Military Calvary Photo
54.20 Gallon Stoneware Crock ( banded because of crack )
55.Menzie Dairy Box (rusty bottom) & 2 Smurf Yard Statues
56.Deer Leg Lamp working
57.Lot Crocks, Ice Cream Maker, Bottles & Jugs
58.Large Lot of Material & Sewing Related Items
59.Dropleaf Table
60.Large Lot of Misc. Items in Variety
61.1930s Era Ornate Buffet
62.Lot Character Shirts, Mr. Peanut Sacks, Etc.
63.Lot of 2 Pistol Pete Cowboy Shirts 1 with original tags
64.Lot of Crocks, Stoneware, Tin items
65.Lot of 5 Totes Fabric & Related Items
66.Lot of Glassware, Punch Bowl, Dog Figure, Etc.
67.Large Lot Fabric, Baskets & Related
68.Paper Lot Popular Mechanics, Lone Ranger deputy Kits, 1970s Game News, Etc.
69.Lot of 3 Chairs & 2 Floor Lamps
70.Lot of 6 Boxes Various Items
71.Lot of 6 Boxes Various Items Kool Aid, Etc.
72.Lot of 6 Boxes Misc. Toys, Etc.
73.Lot of 3 Boxes Various Glassware
74.Lot of 4 Boxes Glassware Etc. Jeannette Louisa, Glassbake, Cookware, Etc.
75.Lot of Suitcases & Picture Frames
76.Lot of Books, National Geographic, Etc.
77.Military Uniform & Colliers Photo History of WW2
78.Lot of 2 Boxes Glassware Iris & Herringbone, Cased Vases, Etc.
79.Large Lot of Misc. Items in Variety
80.Lot including Tins, Drum set in box (damaged) & other Misc.
81.Lot Misc. Items in Variety
82.Small Stand & Radio
83.Lot of 4 Small Stands
84.Lot Vintage Magazines Pathfinder, American Nurseryman
85.Lot of 7 Wooden Rolling Pins
86.Lot of 4 Boxes Misc. Toys, Etc.
87.Tension Pole Lamp & Tension Pole Clothes Hanger
88.Lot of 2 Steel Filing Cabinets
89.Marx Cowboy & Indian Figures
90.Lot of 6 Boxes Misc. Glassware
91.Lot of 5 Boxes Misc. Items
92.Ornate Oak Desk with Turned Legs
93.1940s Era Emerson Turntable
94.Large Lot Various Items, Tote, Etc.
95.Ornate Platform Rocker
96.Shelf Lot of Games
97.4 Drawer Chest
98.Oak Pressback Rocker
99.Lot Stand & Misc. Items
100.4 Boxes Various Books Popular Science, Bolens, Etc.
101.1930s Era Ornate Server
102.Large Lot of File Boxes, Suitcases & Document Boxes
103.Lot of Typewriters & Cash Register
104.New Crosley Nostalgic Radio/Turntable
105.Lot DVDs National Geographics, Life Magazine, Game News S&H Green Stamps
106.Lot of 6 Boxes Various Items
107.Lot of 6 Boxes Various Items
108.Lot Wall telephones, Kelloggs Bowls, Boy Scout Books, Clock, Etc.
109.Lot of 5 Boxes Various Items
110.Lot of 12 Scout Books
111.Lot of 5 Boxes Misc. Items
112.Lot Heinz, Ghostbusters, McDonalds Books & Pen, Etc.
113.Ornate Gold Wall Mirror
114.Large Lot of 8 Boxes Various Items
115.Lot of New Vintage Shirts & Small Suitcases
116.Lot Corningware Corn Flower
117.Lot Old Frothingslosh & other small collectibles
118.Lot of Various Small Items
119.Lot of Umbrellas, Walking Sticks, Etc.
120.Kneehole Desk

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