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Item Description
1.Kendall 5 Gallon Fuel Can
2.Lot of 5 pieces Pyrex
3.Lot of 140+ Wade Figures
4.Lot of U.S. Military Pins & Buttons
5.Lot of 10 Vintage P.O. Box Fronts
6.Lot of 13 Wall Pockets & Planters
7.Wicker Sewing Stand
8.Vintage 1900s Piano Stool with Claw Feet
9.Lot of 2 Wooden Advertising Crates
10.Metal Antique Rifle Works Sign 12"x48"
11.Original Cast Iron Bulldog Doorstop
12.Lot of Crystal Prisms
13.Howard Miller Keywind Mantle Clock with Key Westminster Chime
14.Lot of 5 Pieces Sandwich Glass, Cake Stand, Platters, Divided Relish 3 pics
15.5 Gallon Stoneware Crock
16.Lot of Costume Jewelry
17.P&LE Railroad Lantern with Embossed Globe 2 pics
18.Lot of 2 Shell Pink Jeannette Glass Footed Console Bowls
19.Primitive 1900s Wooden Dollhouse 3 pics
20.Country Wheelbarrow & Decorations
21.Lot of 2 Depression Era Ceiling Light Shades milk glass with red strips
22.Lot of 12 Pieces Depression Glass in Horseshoe Pattern
23.1950s Boat TV Lamp
24.Lot of Depression Era Salt & Pepper Shakers
25.Lot of 15 Pieces depression Glass Diana pattern
26.Lot of 2 Porcelier Log 2 Light Light Fixtures
27.Service for 4 Depression Era Moderntone
28.Lot of 4 Matching Porcelier Light Fixtures
29.Lot of 11 Store & Depression Era Kitchen Jars
30.Lot of 4 Porcelier Light Fixtures
31.Enameled Tin Super Dixie Gas Sign 17-1/2" x 24" modern
32.Super Cast Iron Rearing Horse Statue 18" detailed 2 pics
33.Lot of 8 Vintage New York License Plates
34.Lot of 2 Heavy Glass Life Size Head Figures
35.Lot of 1980s Era Girl Scout Patches unused
36.Embossed Tin Cats Paw Rubber Heels Sign made in USA modern
37.Lot Jadite Reamer & Refrigerator Jar
38.Tin Embossed Telephone Pay Station Sign 9-1/2" x 23" made in USA modern
39.Lot of 2 NAPA Auto Trucks by Nylint
40.Lot Purple Amethyst Rabbit, Westmoreland Mini Lamp, Nippon Nut Dish, Etc.
41.Lot of 2 Tin Country Egg Racks
42.Large Lot Small Collectibles, Pin Up Notebooks, Tins, Maps, Mini License Plate Toppers, Etc. 5 pics
43.Lot Farm Manuals, Elvis, other Vintage Magazines, Etc. 4 pics
44.Lot of 2 Westmoreland Glass Ruby English Hobnail Baskets with boxes
45.Lot of 2 Hazy Hex Optic Depression Beverage Sets
46.Tin Pioneer Hog Feed Milking Stool modern
47.Vintage Indestro Socket Set
48.Lot of 4 sets of 4 West Coast Choppers Lighters all unused
49.Tin Embossed Gilmore Lion Head Motor Oil Sign 9-3/4" x 23-1/4" modern
50.Lot of 70 Copper & Zinc 1 ounce Rounds
50A.Original Howdy Doody Marionette Doll
50B.Bundy Saxaphone
50C.Lot of Various Smalls, Pez Dispensers, Etc.
50D.Lot of Jewelry, Pins & Tin Tray
50E.Lot of Pocket Knives, Zippo Contempo & other lighters
50F.Lot of Advertising Pens, Pinbacks, Etc.
50G.Lot of Various Smalls, Vintage Safety Glasses, 3 Lost in Space Autographed Cards, Etc.
50H.Lot of Mini Pennants, Old Sports Cards & Programs
50I.Lot of 6 Mason Jars full of Marbles with Metal Caddy
51.1960s Era Mattel Alan Doll with Box
52.Lot of 150 Vintage Postcards all in great condition 5 pics
53.Lot of 2 Hotwheels '65 Mustang Convertible #455 MOC 1997 & Fab Cab Convertible Changes color & car in water MOC 1990
54.Matchbox 1967 Volkswagon in Original Box 1600TL
55.Matchbox Kingsize K-14 Taylor Jumbo Crane with box ( minor box damage)
56.Lot of 3 Matchbox Construction Vehicles, #69 Hatra Tractor Shovel, #48 Dodge Dump Truck & #24 Hydraulic Excavator with boxes
57.Matchbox #2 Mercedes Trailer Mint on Card ( slight damage to bubble)
58.Lot of 2 Invisible Man & 1 Invisible Woman
59.Matchbox 1912 Packard Y-11 & Box
60.Revel Visible V8 Engine Model
61.Rotating Lucite Showcase with Advertising Tins & key 4 pics
62.Lot of 4 Pieces Pyrex Butterfly
63.Lot of Military Pins, Bars, Etc.
64.Blue Opalescent Footed Bowl
65.Case XX 2 Blade Knife with Case Sheath
66.Seeburg Consolette Restaurant Booth Juke Box with Key untested 4 pics
67.Lot of U.S. Military Patches 4 pics
68.Northwood Custard Grape Pattern Whimsey Vase 3-3/4"
69.Lot of Noisemakers, Small Toys, Ray Gun, Etc.
70.Rotating Lucite Showcase with Advertising Tins, Etc. with key
71.Lot of Milk Bottles
72.Lot of Vintage 16mm Cartoons
73.Lot of 4 Pyrex Mixing Bowls ( small chip on large onion bowl)
74.Lot of 4 Molding Planes & Marking Gauge
75.Fenton & Imperial Marigold Carnival Bowls
76.Large Lot of Lemon O' Sierra Depression Era Dishware
77.Lot of 19 pieces Various Green Depression Glass
78.Lot of Iris & Herringbone & Sellers Jars without lids
79.Lot of 3 Matching Porcelier Light Fixtures
80.Lot of 3 Matching Porcelier Light Fixtures
81.Lot of 3 Porcelier Light Fixtures
82.Lot of 27 Pieces Informal O'Sierra Depression Era Dishware
83.Lot of 39 Pieces Diamond Optic Depression Glass Pink & Green
84.Lot Depression Glass Block, Rolled Edge Bowl, Etc.
85.Lot Depression Glass K&F Colonial
86.20" Neon Clock with Dog working order modern & like new 3 pics
87.Milk Glass Doctors Sign 6"x18"
88.Coca Cola Tray with Santa near mint
89.German Mantle Clock keywind with Westminster Chime
90.Lot Copper Kettle, Early Wooden Advertising Thermometer, Etc.
91.1914 Tennis Girl Print & early Wooden Tennis Racket
92.Lot of Collectible Teapots
93.Lot of 6 Glass Paperweights
94.Early Jointed Heubach Koppelsdorf #250-6 Doll & Cradle 6 pics
95.Large Lot of Old Bottles 2 pics
96.Tin Defender Motor Oil Sign made in USA 11"x19" modern
97.Lot of 2 Heavy Glass Lifesize Heads
98.Lot of 9 Royal Doulton Plates 8 Clairmont pattern & 1 Scenic
99.Lot of 3 Dukes of Hazzard The Movie Posters
100.Lot of Harley Davidson X-90 "Shortster" Parts
101.Lot of Smalls, NASCAR Plasma Clock, Records, Matchbox Fire Truck, Cow Bell, Tins, Flag, Reproduction Microtech Knife, Etc. 3 pics
102.Allstar Sports Electronic Pinball Game with Box
103.Lot of Stamp Art, Elvis, Marylin Monroe, Etc.
104.Lot of 65 Comic Books
105.Set of Photography Umbrella Lights like new with box
106.Lot of Bandai Gundam Strike Force; Strike Freedom Gundam, Gundam GPO1fb, Strike Freedom Mobile Suit & King of Artist-The Luffy factory sealed 3 pics
107.Lot of 3 Hotwheels on Cards #2511 Bubble Gunner 1981, Tricar x8 #1130 1981 & Sheriff Patrol Car #2019, 1982 all mint on unpunched cards
108.Lot of 2 Hotwheels Mint on Cards Jeep CJ7 Metal Flake Paint 1982 & Bubble Gunner #2511 1981
109.Lot of 5 Matchbox Mint on Cards #52 Police Launch, #35 Fire Engine, #72 Hovercraft, #3 Ambulance & # 51 Citroen M
110.Lot of 3 Matchbox Gray Tires #25 Dunlop Van, #35 Horse Box Van & Sand & Gravel Truck
111.Lot of 3 Corgi Airport Rescue Trucks mint on cards & 2 Matchbox Y-13 1911 Daimler & Y-10 1928 Mercedes Benz 2 pics
112.Early Matchbox #7 4 Ton Leyland with Gray Wheels & Box
113.1980s Castle Grayskull & 2 Figures 3 pics
114.Remington Deluxe Noiseless Typewriter
115.Lot of Vintage Star Wars Toys
116.Canon FTb 35mm Camera
117.Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Board Game & Computer Labyrinth Game
118.Lot of 26 pieces O'Sierra Sunrise & Duo Shade Depression Era Dishware
119.Lot of Various Green Depression Horseshoe & other patterns ( some chips ) 3 pics
120.Lot of 22 Pieces Pink Doric Pattern Depression Glass
121.Lot of 4 Porcelier Light Fixtures
122.Lot of 4 Porcelier Light Fixtures
123.Lot of 5 Porcelier Light Fixtures
124.Lot of Various Pink Depression Glass
125.Lot of 4 Large Boxes of Vintage Lamp Parts, Fixtures, Etc.
126.Lot of 88 Pieces O'Sierra Informal Depresson Era Dishware Pink with Black
127.Lot of Depression Era Ceiling Shades
128.Lot of Airways Manuals & AC Maintenence Manual
129.Schrade - Walden 2 Blade large Pocket Knife
130.Dugan? Peach Opalescent Footed Bowl 8"
131.Lot of 4 Pocket Knives
132.Lot of 5 U.S. Military Medals
133.Lot of Costume Jewelry
134.Lot of Various Pyrex
135.Lot of Approx. 50 New Old Stock Rock Light Bartop Advertising Stands
136.Lot of Costume Jewelry, Wristwatches
137.Lot of 4 Vintage Pinball Games 4 pics
138.Lot of Costume Jewelry trays not included
139.Lot of 6 Pocket Knives including Horse Hoof Knife
140.Lot of 6 Beaded & Mesh Purses
141.Original Texaco Glass Gas Pump Plate 12-1/2" x 5"
142.Ironstone Pitcher & Bowl
143.Lot of 2 Metal Security Showcases with keys both in boxes 1 never used
144.Lot of Costume Jewelry cases not included
145.Lot of 26 Pieces Vintage Fiesta
146.Lot of 6 Stoneware Crocks
147.Very Heavy Brass Desk Top Smoking Set
148.Lot of Ocean & Lighthouse Items
149.Pitcher & Bowl Set
150.Lot of Copper & Brass Items
151.Lot including early Mouse Trap, Jade Mini Oil Lamp, Argus Camera, Etc.
152.Lot Cookie Jars, Pie Rack, Etc.
153.Primitive Winder
154.Lot of 4 Heavy China Plates in Deep Frames
155.Lot of Country Craft Items
156.Lot of Various Green Depression Glass, Stems, Relish Trays, Etc.
157.Lot of 11 Pieces Cambridge Blue Gardoon with etched tid bit 2 pics
158.Lot of Various Pink & Green Depression Glass
159.Lot of O'Sierra Informal Depression Era Dishware
160.Lot of 4 Large Boxes Vintage Lamp Parts
161.Lot of 8 Pieces Depression Era Graniteware
162.Lot of 58 Pieces O'Sierra Chartreuse Depression Era Dishware
163.Lot of 8 Depression Era Ceiling Light Shades & Milk Glass Light
164.Lot of 74 Pieces O'Sierra Gold Depression Era Dishware
165.Lot of 146 Pieces O'Sierra Terra Cotta Depression Era Dishware 3 pics
166.Webcor Holiday Model 124 1940s Era Turntable very clean
167.Volumes 1-30 Hardy Boys
168.Lot of Games & Puzzles including KISS Puzzle, Nightmare on Elm Street Game, Terrible Tank, Etc.
169.Lot of Vintage Lincoln Logs & Leggos
170.1970s Era 2-XL Talking Robot Toy with 10 Tapes & Booklet
171.Fisher Price House, Building & Farm & Figures 3 pics
172.Lot of Camera Items
173.Admiral Standard Turntable & Radio
174.Barbie Dolls & Super Vette
175.WW2 Era Military Trunk ( no tray)
176.Lot of 6 Porcelier Light Fixtures
177.Lot of 6 Porcelier Light Fixtures
178.Lot of Leaf & Blossom
179.Lot of 50+ Pieces O'Sierra Dark Green Depression era Dishware
180.Large Lot of Bird Figures
181.Lot of 4 Boxes Lamp Parts, Shades, Ornate Iron Fixture, Etc. 3 pics
182.Large Lot of Bird Figures
183.Lot of 4 Boxes Vintage Lamp Parts
184.Lot of 49 Pieces O'Sierra Gold Depression Era Dishware
185.Lot of Various Green Depression Glass Hex Optic, Honeycomb, Etc. 2 pics
186.Seedway Precision Garden Planter with Fertilizer Attachment & extra Plates
187.Lot of 100 Comic Books 3 pics
188.Lot Gremlins, Little Sprout, GoBots factory sealed Puzzle, Etc.
189.Lionel #565 Construction Set
190.Lot of Amber Cubist Glassware
191.Lot of 42 New Unused Picture Frames for 10" x 12" picture with approx. 25 pieces glass
192.Lot of 115 Comic Books 3 pics
193.Lot of 24 New Unused Picture Frames for 10" x 22" Picture with Glass
194.Lot Reverse Painting on Glass, 3D Pictures, Reprint Photos, Etc.
195.Lot of 12 Pink Lamp Shades 9" wide new unused
196.Lot of 2 Vintage Seal Stampers
197.Lot including Political Buttons, Girl Scout Canteen w/box & Patches, Playing Cards, Vie Master, Shot Bags, 1950 Arnold Palmer Latrobe Yearbook, Etc.
198.Lot of Fenton & Westmoreland Glass
199.Lot of Military Clothing & Packs
200.Lot of 120 Pieces Blue Willow
201.Large Lot of Silverplate Flatware, Serving Pieces, Pitcher, Coasters, Etc. 4 pics
202.Lot of Corelle, Etc.
203.Lot Candles, Tea Set, Vases, Mugs, Etc.
204.1940s Smoking Stand
205.Lot of Dolls
206.Lot of 8 Diamond Quilt Student Lamp Shades unused
207.Lot of Moon & Star Canister Lids only
208.Lot of Steelers Items Glassware, Etc.
209.Lot of 59 Pink Glass Lamp Shades new unused
210.Lot Fitz & Floyd, Duck Figures, Etc.
211.Lot Flags, Marlboro Big Sky Radio Lantern in box, New Craftsman Soaker Hose, Etc.
212.Lot of 20 Pieces gaiety Rainbow Depression Era Dishware
213.Lot of 68 Pieces O'Sierra Burgandy Depression Era Dishware
214.Lot of 136 Pieces O'Sierra Gray Depression Era Dishware
215.Lot of Various Depression Glass Lorainne, Etc.
216.Lot of Crystal Ring, Horseshoe, Knife & Fork, Etc. Depression Glass
217.Lot of Lamps, Refrigerator Jars, Reamers, Etc.
218.Lot of O'Sierra Informal Depression Era Dishware
219.Lot of 70 Pieces O'Sierra Aqua & Chartrues Depression Era Dishware
220.Lot of Vernon Kilns Homespun
221.Lot of O'Sierra Depression Era Dishware in Various Colors
222.Large Lot of O'Sierra Depression Era Dishware in Lemon & Yellow
223.Large Lot of O'Sierra Depression Era Dishware in Various Pink
224.Lot of Purple Amethyst Gardoon & Black O'Sierra
225.Lot of 39 New Unused Picture Frames
226.Lot of NOS Computer & Phone Cases
227.Lot of 47 New Unused Pink Glass Lamp Shades
228.Lot of Storage Totes & Milk Crates
229.Lot of Cameras & Related Items
230.Lot of 2 Vintage Mongoose BMX Bikes
231.Lot of Carnival Glass, Silver Ring
232.Lot Spider Man Figure, Nerf Guns, Viewmaster, Etc.
233.Lot of Cola Miners Lights
234.Lot New Hardware, Auto Manuals, Fence, Bottle Opener, Etc. 3 pics
235.Large Lot Baskets & Misc. Items
236.Lot Wooden Boxes, Wooden Items, Etc.
237.Lot of Boxed Angel Figures
238.Large Lot Misc. Items, Wooden Crossbow, Meat Slicer, Christmas Items, Etc. 6 pics
239.Lot of 91 Pieces Blue Ridge China 2 pics
240.Lot Depression Georgian & Concord
241.Large Lot of Stangle Pottery
242.Large Lot of Vernon Kilns Pottery
243.Lot of Various Depression Glass Ivorian, Oxford, Etc.
244.Large Lot Homer Laughlin Flowers in the Meadow China 4 pics
245.Large Lot of 6 Boxes Primitives, Ice Tongs, Piano Rolls, Lamp Parts, Etc.
246.Lot Hacienda & Country Scenic China
247.Large Lot Crystal Depression Glass, Waterford, Ring, Dew Drop & Heritage
248.Lot of Jeannette Anniversary, Columbia, Etc.
249.Lot of Wheat Pattern & Other China
250.Large Lot of Various China
251.Lot of Various China Homer Laughlin Olivia & Jade, Etc.
252.Lot of American Dinnerware Flowers of the Dell
253.Lot of Various Hall, Etc.

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