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Item Description
1.Lot of Green Panel Optic Covered Refrigerator Boxes, Etc. ( some edge roughness)
2.Lot of 21 pieces McKee Mt. Laurel in Various Colors
3.Lot of Melba Pattern Vases w/Flower Frogs, Etc
4.Lot pf 28 Pieces Purple Amethyst
5.Lot of 60 Pieces Lourian Oxford
6.Lot of 6 Melba Bowls Pink & Green
7.Lot of 19 Pieces McKee Mt. Laurel Ivory ( a few flakes)
8.Lot of 16 Polka Dot Glasses & Cups
9.Lot of 11 Tin Match, Towel, Comb & Pipe Holders
10.Lot of 40 Pieces Ivy in The Snow
11.Lot of 6 Mt. Laurel Jadite 9" Plates
12.Lot of 4 Ivy Lamp Bases & Cast Iron Fixtures
13.Lot of 3 Large McKee Custard 11" Mt. Laurel Bowls
14.Lot of 3 Large McKee Mt. Laurel Custard 11" Bowls
15.Lot of 80 Pieces 20th Century
16.Lot of 34 Pieces Pink Circle Pattern
17.Lot of 14 Pieces Jennyware
18.Lot of 8 Pieces McKee Jadite Mt. Laurel ( chip on small bowl)
19.Lot of 10 Pieces Green Windsor
20.Lot of 18 Pieces Pennyline in various colors
21.Lot of 39 Pieces Pastel Moderntone
22.Lot of 17 Pieces Green Princess ( a few small flakes)
23.Lot of 21 Pieces Green Pillar Optic ( chip on oval lid)
24.Lot of 30 Advertising Tins
25.Lot of 39 Pieces Hazel Atlas Vivian
26.Lot of 15 Pieces McKee Custard Mt. Laurel
27.Lot of 39 Pieces Carnival Green Moderntone
28.Lot of 6 Glass Ceiling Light Fixtures
29.Lot of 43 Pieces Green including Grill Plates, Etc.
30.Lot of 59 Pieces Pink Moderntone
31.Lot of 23 Pieces Pink Homespun
32.Lot of 65 Pieces Yellow Moderntone
33.Lot of 20 Pieces Florentine 2 ( a few small flakes)
34.Large Lot of Salt & Pepper Shakers
35.Lot of 24 Pieces McKee Ivory Mt. Laurel
36.Lot of 23 Pieces Pink Lacy Edge & Octagon
37.Lot of 59 Pieces Carnival Green Moderntone
38.Lot of 24 Pieces Green Circle Pattern
39.Lot of 33 Pieces Purple Amethyst Moderntone
40.Lot of 8 Melba Pattern Grill Plates
41.Lot of 8 Pieces Various Green
42.Lot of 12 Pieces Pink Homespun
43.Lot of 16 Pieces Ovide Carnival Kitchenware by Hazel Atlas
44.Lot of 21 Pieces Green Melba
45.Lot of 2 Boxes Assorted Primitives & Vintage Kitchen Items
46.Lot of 24 Pieces Various Pink
47.Lot of 26 Pieces Georgian
48.Lot of 35 Pieces Jeannette Iris & Herringbone
49.Lot of 13 Pieces Pink Lace Edge
50.Lot of 15 Pieces Green Princess
51.Lot of 49 Pieces Ovide Stripes
52.Lot of 39 Pieces Lineal Opaque
53.Lot of 17 Pieces Melba
54.Lot of Lamp Bases & Parts, Clambroth, Etc.
55.Lot of 15 Pieces Panel Optic ( a few flakes), extra lids, etc.
56.Lot of Tins, Egg Beaters, Graniteware Coffee pot, Misc. Vintage Kitchen Items.
57.Lot of 14 Pieces Princess ( a few flakes)
58.Lot of 33 Pieces Pink Homespun
59.Lot of 16 Pieces Cobalt Blue Moderntone
60.Lot of 20 Pieces Holiday Buttons & Bows & Mayfair
61.Lot of 15 Pieces Ovide Appalonia
62.Lot of 18 Pieces Opaque Lineal Moderntone
63.Lot of 2 Boxes of Lamp Parts & Light Fixtures
64.Lot of 59 Pieces Red Moderntone
65.Lot of 27 Pieces Pastel Blue Moderntone
66.Lot of 3 Boxes Lamp Parts, Bases, Etc.
67.Lot of 13 Pieces Pillar Optic
68.Lot of 14 Pieces Black Mt. Pleasant Glass
69.Lot of 41 Pieces Moderntone in Various Colors
70.Lot of 3 Boxes Lamp Parts
71.Lot of 4 Boxes Lamp Parts
72.Fenton 38" Banquet Lamp
73.13" Pink Divided Relish
74.Lot of 6 Bryce Etched Water Glasses
75.8"x12" Green Depression Vegetable Freshener ( small flake on lid)
76.Lot of 8 Cobalt Blue 9" Grill Plates
77.Lot of 6 Seville Yellow 10-1/2" Grill Plates
78.Lot of Pink Depression Pitchers & Glasses
79.Lot of Green Cameo & other pieces ( chip on round box)
80.Lot of 8 Pieces Seville Yellow
81.Lot of 2 Green Pitchers & Covered Butter
82.Lot of McKee Rock Crystal
83.Lot of 4 Pieces Pink, Manhatten, Etc.
84.Lot of 11 Pieces Mayfair
85.Lot of 5 Pieces Pink & Green, Dresser Set, Etc.
86.Lot of 19 Pieces Fired On Red
87.Lot of 30 Pieces Purple Amethyst Moderntone
88.Pink Shot Set
89.Lot of 42 Pieces Bryce Brocade Ruby
90.Lot of 6 Pink Bowls
91.Lot of 23 Pieces Cobalt Blue Mt. Pleasant Glass
92.Lot of 33 Pieces Monax Petalware with Gold Trim
93.Lot of 17 Pieces Pink Bamboo Optic
94.Lot of 20 Pieces Green Bamboo Optic
95.Lot of 32 Pieces Opaque Lineal & Skim Lineal
96.Lot of 25 Pieces Black Mt. Pleasant, Etc.
97.Lot of 31 Pieces Green Ovide
98.Lot of 14 Pieces cobalt Blue Moderntone
99.Lot of 20 Pieces Various Green
100.Lot of 9 Pieces Shell & Pearl
101.Lot of 26 Pieces Green Block Optic
102.Lot of 22 Pieces Blue Aunt Polly
103.Lot of 34 Pieces Colonial Block
104.Lot of Various Elegant Pieces, Etc.
105.Lot of 13 Pieces Pink Mayfair ( 1 with chip)
106.Lot of 17 Pieces Panel Green
107.Lot of 16 Pieces Ruby
108.Lot of 23 Pieces Various Larna Glasses with flakes, etc.
109.Lot of 29 Pieces Black Glass, Mt. Pleasant, Etc.
110.Lot of 14 Pieces Various Pink
111.Lot of 15 Pieces Leaf & Blossom
112.Lot of 36 Pieces Various Green, Lids, Etc.
113.Lot of Cobalt Octagon by Imperial
114.Lot of Crystal in Various Patterns
115.Lot of 20 Pieces Pink & Yellow Bordette
116.Lot of 20 Pieces Homestead, Etc.
117.Lot of Various Glassware
118.Lot of 33 Pieces Oxford Cremax with Red Band
119.Lot of 29 Pieces Pastel Pink Moderntone
120.3 Pieces Refrigerator Canister Set
121.Lot of 25 Pieces Pillar & Block Optic
122.Lot of China Pitchers & Dinnerware Pieces
123.Lot of 30 Pieces Various Depression Glass
124.Lot of 30 Pieces Linda Pattern by Federal Glass
125.Lot of 43 Pieces Green Bowls, Etc.
126.Lot of 23 Pieces Ovide Alfred Pattern
127.Lot of 6 Pieces Jennyware & Other Pattern Pieces
128.Lot of Ocean Pale & Plum Ovide
129.Lot of 245 Pieces Plain & Decaled Oxford
130.Lot of Vintage Paper, Etc.
131.Lot of 21 Pieces Oxford Bordette
132.Lot of 19 Pieces Jeannette Harp, also Marigold other pieces
133.Lot of 33 Pieces total, Opaque White Moderntone & Bubble Artware
134.Lot of 50 Pieces Etched Grapevine
135.Lot of Ivy & Ovide Christopher
136.Lot of Bubble & Baltimore Pear
137.Lot of 11 Pieces Amethyst & Elegant Pieces
138.Lot of 3 Boxes Anniversary By Jeannette Glass
139.Lot of Homer Laughlin Spring Wreath Pattern Dishes
140.Lot of 3 Boxes, Fire King Ovenware, Etc.
141.Large lot of Various China
142.Lot of 3 Boxes Various China
143.Very Large Lot of Jeannette Sunburst
144.Large Lot of Daisy & Bubble Pattern
145.Large Lot of Waterford Pattern ( pitcher is plastic)
146.Lot of 3 Boxes China
147.Lot of 5 Boxes Various China
148.Lot of 3 Boxes Wheat Pattern China

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