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Item Description
1.Cast iron Farm Dinner Bell
2.Set of 2 Stacking Oak Map or Document Cabinets
3.Wooden Rack Wagon
4.6 Leg Decorative 1940s Era Table
5.Lot of 2 Matching Round Stands ( 1 leg needs minor glueing )
6.Lot of Galvanized Trash Cans & new Chair
7.Vintage Runner Sled
8.Morley & Co. Majolica Pitcher
9.Lot of 4 Pieces Jadite
10.Essanay Brass & Copper Fire Extinguisher
11.Lot of 2 Wooden Bowls with Paddles
12.Crystal Opalescent & Green Perfume Bottle
13.1950s era 13" Sessions Electric Schoolhouse or Shop Clock
14.Lot Westmoreland Glass Mini Lamp with Birds & Smith Moon & Star Ruby Butter Dish
15.Lot of 12 Vintage Black Powder Tins
16.Lot of 5 NOS Gortons Fisherman Coin Banks in Boxes
17.Lot of 2 Primitive Sifters
18.Keystone Dairy New Kensington Milk Can
19.Tin Morse Cutting Tools Display Sign 15-1/2" x 22"
20.Dugan Flowers & Frames Purple Carnival Footed Bowl
21.Large Brass School Marms Bell
22.Lot of 3 Primitive Wooden Nail Kegs
23.Like New Box Trap
24.Farmers Delight Milk Box & Milk Bottles
25.1950s Head Vase
26.Hand Stitched Patchwork Quilt
27.Milk Crate & Bostonia Farms & other Milk Bottles
28.Lot of 6 Military Trench Shovels
29.Lot of Comic, Character Books & other Magazines Kool Aid Man, Smokey the Bear with Mr. Peanut, Etc. 4 pics
30.Tin Morse Cutting Tools Sign 15-1/2" x 22"
31.John Chatillion & Sons #20 Cast Iron Coffee Grinder 12-/2" high with older weld repair on 1 wheel
32.Wire Milk Crate & Bottles 3 pics
33.Lot of Vintage Kitchen Items, Spry Tin, Wooden Crate, Etc.
34.Lot of 3 Primitive Wooden Nail Kegs
35.Very Colorful Hand Stitched Quilt
36.Rare Unusual Runner Sled with Steering Wheel,Running boards & Brake 4 pics
37.Railroad Pullman Step
38.King 600 Trumpet 3 pics
39.Browning R-2700A Ham Radio & S-Nine Transmitter 4 pics
40.Knight K6-600B Tube Tester
41.Lot of 4 Wooden Pop Crates
42.Lot of Plastic Coin Banks
43.Smith Corona Clipper Typewriter
44.Hohner Accordian 3 pics
45.Primitive Wooden Bucket
46.Lot of 3 Depression Era Ceiling Light Shades
47.Vintage Steel Street Sign
48.Colorful Hand Stitched Quilt
49.Lot of 3 Washboards
50.Lot of Vintage Sat & Pepper Shakers
51.14K Gold Ring 2 pics
52.Lot of Various Coins, Tokens & Foreign Currency 3 pics
53.Lot of 2 Oil Cans 2 gallon each
54.Oak Floor Model Jewelry Box
55.Emporer 3 Weight Grandfathers Clock
56.36" x 46" Yuengling Beer Sign with ornate frame
57.Lot of Costume Jewelry
58.Lot of 10 Full Quarts Vintage Oil Cardboard
59.Large Lot of Early 2000s Playboy Magazines
60.Lot of 5 Plastic Beer Signs
61.Lot of Mini NFL & MLB Mugs with Displays 3 pics
62.Anheuser Busch Lighted Sign working
63.Michelob Lighted Sign working
64.Lot of Costume Jewelry
65.Lot of 2 Plastic Lowenbrau Signs
66.Coca Cola Dishes
67.Lot of Costume Jewelry
68.New in Box Intex Swimming Pool Pump & Salt Water System
69.Costume Jewelry 3 pics
70.Lot of NOS Dri Slide Lubricant Tins
71.23.1 Grams of Scrap 10k & 14k Gold
72.1926 Ford Dealers Pittsburgh District Panoramic Photo
73.Wooden Otto Cream Thru Milk Crate
74.Lot of 50 Trolls
75.Lot of Various Smalls, Painted Wooden Box, Matchbooks, Advertising, Etc. 5 pics
76.Hawthorne Runner Sled
77.Lot of 50 Trolls
78.Lot of Various Smalls
79.Lot Hotwheels, Matchbox, Ertl, Cast Iron Tractor
80.Accordian with Case 4 pics
81.Lot of Bionic Tattoos & Stickers & Pac Man Achievement Award
82.Lot of 50 Trolls
83.Lot of Matchbox & Hotwheels
84.Loy of Pyrex, Hall Teapot, Westmoreland Glass, Etc.
85.Lot of Vintage Action Figures
86.Flexible Flyer Runner Sled
87.Lot of 50 Trolls
88.Large lot of McDonalds Happy Meal Figures most still factory sealed 3 pics
89.Lot of 5 Gortons Fisherman Bobble Heads in Boxes
90.Lot of WW2 Era Military Canteens, Etc.
91.Lot of 54 New in Box Campbells Mmm Mmm Good Bowls
92.Vintage Runner Sled
93.Lot of 50 Trolls
94.Hand Stitched Patchwork Quilt
95.Lot of Paper, Calendars, Etc. 1980s Character Pieces
96.Lot of Tonka & other Pressed Steel Toys
97.Lot of Paper Items, Character, Etc. 3 pics
98.Tin Morse Cutting Tools Sign 15-1/2" x 22"
99.Large Lot of McDonalds Happy Meal Toys in Factory Wrap
100.Lot of Action Figures, Toy Cars, Star Wars, Dick Tracy Belt & Buckle
101.Lot of Stoneware Crocks & Brownware Bowls
102.Lot of Character Items Little Sprout Flashlight, Bank & Clock, G.W. Bush, Clinton Figures, Etc. 2 pics
103.Speedway Runner Sled
104.Lot Bottles, Stoneware Syrup Pumper, Etc. 2 pics
105.Large Lot of Various Character Items 3 pics
106.Lot of 3 No Parking Street Signs
107.Lot of Toys Games, Locomotive Telephone, Sinking of the Titanic Games, Etc 3 pics
108.Vintage Runner Sled
109.Vintage Runner Sled
110.Hand Stitched Quilt
111.Lot of License Plates 1951 Ft. Dix, Camaro, Cardboard Temps 2 pics
113.Lot of as found Advertising Tins
114.Lot of Character Items, The Simpsons, 7 Dwarfs, Etc. 3 pics
115.Large Lot of Misc Small Collectibles 5 pics
116.Lot of Various Paper Ephemera 3pics
117.Lot of Primitives Crate, Waffle Iron, Porcelain Light Fixture, Slaw Cutters, Etc.3 pics
118.Early Minerals Samples
119.Lot of Quilt Patches & Tops & Related Items & Books
120.Lot CB Radios, Telephone, Old Phone Cards
121.Lot Various Glassware, small Roseville Vase, Candy Container, Etc.
122.Lot Ornate Iron Plant Stand, Smoking Stand, Etc
123.Lot Tackle Box, New Gloves & Tarp
124.Lot Barbie & Other Dolls, Matchbox Mining Set, NOS Bicycle Light
125.Sports Items, Beanie Baby Binders, Sewing Machine, new items, Etc.
126.Lot of Locks & Keys
127.Lot of Costume Jewelry, Tin Types, 4 pics
128.Lot Rock & Mineral Set, Military Patches, Seal of Pa. Snowcrest Bear Bank, Etc.
129.Lot of Clocks & Flatware
130.Lot Basket, Macrame Beads, Wood Cart, Etc.
131.Lot of 2 Runner Sleds ( 1 needs minor repair )
132.Lot of 2 Wardrobe Trunks
133.Lot of 33 RPM Records
134.Lot of 2 Large Totes Misc. Items & Wearever Aluminumware Truck with Contents
135.Lot of Pet Carriers & Wire Pen
136.Lot of 8 Boxes Misc. Items
137.Large lot of Misc. Items Pedal Tractor Cart, Globe, etc. 4 pics
138.Lot of 8 Boxes Misc. Items
139.Longaberger Basket, Ice Cream Maker, 1950s Childs Rack, Etc.
140.Lot of 4 Pieces Visionware
141.Lot New Dog Bed & Feeder & Treats (new current items)
142.Lot of 2 Totes & Many Golf Balls
143.Lot of Costume Jewelry & Perfume
144.Lot of Skis

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